Beach Bum Boot Camp – SUMMER Sale!

Screen shot 2015-10-15 at 10.05.52 PMGive me 30 minutes of your day and we’ll tone your body and follow a clean eating meal plan for 21 days. NO counting calories! NO counting points! NO starving yourself! I focus on getting my girls EATING CLEAN for maximum results!

You can be anywhere in the US or Canada to join my Challenge Group. All workouts are done in the comfort of your own home on your own time. You’ll have ME as your personal coach…walking you through every step of the program on a daily basis!

If you can commit to changing your life…and making this year your healthiest yet…I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!
This program is NOT free…but includes so much value!

I am an Independent Team Beachbody coach and I’ve helped women achieve amazing results. I’d love to help you too!!!

What do you GET: 

8 At-Home Workouts on DVD’s. You’ll follow a rotating schedule of different workouts to follow each day. You’ll need light to medium dumbbells or resistance bands, and will follow along with the video as you go. Every workout is 30 minutes each!

Here is a sneak peak of the workouts:

For the 21 Day Fix

For the 21 Day Fix Extreme

The extreme workouts are a scale up from the 21 Day Fix. I recommend most start with the fix and then progress from there.

The Containers. These portion controlled containers will teach you how much you need to eat for proper portions to reach your goal weight. I use the containers more as measuring cups and pour my portions onto my plate! You’ll be surprised how much food you get!

fix cont

The Nutrition Plan. The nutrition plan will help you calculate your individual needs for each day to help you reach your health and fitness goals (this can be for weight loss, gain, maintenance, or toning)

Your container allowance per day is calculated based on your weight and the average of 400 calories burned per fix workout.  Then you are given a range you need to stay in! Each container is broken down in the manual with a list of foods that you can eat.

One of my favorite parts is that treats are allowed. They give you a list of treat ideas that replace a yellow container. There are also recipes, seasoning blends, dressing recipes, and a restaurant guide for eating out in your plan.

Shakeology. Shakeology is my one “duh” meal per day. Shakeology is one meal out of the day that is a no brainer, you don’t have to think about what you’re eating, it’s super healthy, it’s chocolate, and I know we all want to eat real foods but we get to that point in our life where we get busy, we forget to pack our lunch, we hit the snooze button one too many times, and we say “oh well” I’ll just grab something at the office, or at the drive through, and you know you’re not making a good choice, and you’re probably spending more than that $4 a serving for shakeology. Shakeology takes 60 sec to make and has all the dense nutrition of several servings of salad all in 150 calorie glass. The energy it provides me is insane and so important. Trust me – you’re going to LOVE this. And just in case you don’t (but you will!) there’s a 30 day return policy so you get to try for yourself

You only have to drink it for the duration of the challenge group, after that you can decide whether or not you’d like to continue.

My Optional Meal Plans. One of my favorite parts of my groups is the resources you’ll get in the files section of our Facebook group! You’ll get optional plans to follow that detail out EVERY single day of the group of what to eat! I’ll share my favorite recipes, shopping lists, and more!

All of my Coaching and Support. When you join us with the fix, I’m going to set you up in our challenge group! In that group, I’m going to give you recipes, snack ideas, tips, motivation and I’m going to keep you accountable. Everyday I’m going to have you check in with me and rate your day.

We would also check in together one on one to discuss progress, make changes, and check in with measurements and progress pictures. This is KEY for so many of my ladies in making the program work for them!!

Want more INFO? 

So that’s it!! The best part?! This program is on super special. It’s $140 TOTAL for “sale bundle” that would include the workout program, meal plans, portion control containers, on demand access free for 30 days, the challenge group, 1-1 support with me (typically $119) Shakeology our superfood shake that is a part of the program for 30 days (typically $130 for first time buyers) AND all signed up for the business for FREE (usually $40) so it’s a great deal and HUGE savings. :)

Want in?! Fill out an application here and we’ll get you going ASAP!!!!

The Key to Feeling Good in your Skin!

I talk to so many women daily who are SO unhappy in their own skin. They think that weight loss, or toning up, or getting stronger, will help them feel better.
What I LOVE teaching them is that the simple action of pushing to get HEALTHIER is going to do way more for their self-esteem than a number on a scale ever will. I love watching them learn to embrace fitness, realize what they’re capable of, and learn how to BE PROUD of themselves.
This was always a struggle for me too. I was always my worst critic. Nothing was ever good ENOUGH. Then I found fitness and it taught me to be PROUD of myself. Game Changer. 💛

Meal Prep Monday

Meal Prep Sunday!! I am NOT PERFECT nor do I aim to be but this helps me find a healthy balance. Are my weeks perfectly prepped and planned out all the time…ABSOLUTELY NOT.
BUT I do make an effort to get a head start on the week, do what I can to eat healthy the majority of the time, and set a good example for my challenge ladies. But, it’s also important to note that there are plenty of spoonfuls of peanut butter, meals eaten out, and chocolate during my weeks too.
Life is about BALANCE!!!!
Do you follow a super strict diet, or try to find a HEALTHY balance?! Comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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What Every Woman Should Know…

I saw this on Facebook the other day and thought it was worth sharing. On a daily basis I talk to women who don’t feel good enough in their own skin and trust me, I UNDERSTAND.
But I also think it’s so important to realize that this is something that almost EVERY SINGLE PERSON struggles with at some point. So that being said, I think it’s an important battle to fight against, and work every day towards believing that you are ENOUGH just as you are.
Pass em on…
1️⃣ Everyone has rolls when they bend over.
2️⃣ When someone tells you that you’re beautiful, believe them. They aren’t lying.
3️⃣ Sometimes we all wake up with breath that could kill a goat.
4️⃣ For every woman unhappy with her stretch marks is another woman who wishes she had them.❤️
5️⃣ You should DEFINITELY have more confidence. And if you saw yourself the way that others see you, you would.
6️⃣ Don’t look for a man to save you. Be able to save yourself.
7️⃣ It’s okay to not love every part of your body…but you should.
8️⃣ We all have that one friend who seems to have it all together. That woman with the seemingly perfect life. Well, you might be that woman to someone else.
9️⃣ You should be a priority. Not an option, a last resort, or a backup plan.❤️
🔟 You’re a woman. And that alone makes you pretty damn remarkable.
-Austin Blood

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