Survey Time

Happy May 1st! I’m doing a little marketing research to give you the best nutrition coaching ever! If you have a moment today, I’d love for you to take my survey here:
Click here to take survey

In the meantime check out some pictures from my I phone….


New Haircut for the puppy!


Sound asleep.


Fruit for the week (kiwis, mango, strawberries, and blueberries).


Trail Mix Recipe (coming soon!).


On her way to grandma’s.


Paleo pancakes for the week. 1 egg and 1/2 mashed ripe banana, whisked and cooked like a pancake.


My fridge for the week. Kombucha, coconut milk, and water. Ready to go!


Sophie’s Easter dress. Yes I’m serious 😉


An awesome surprise from Sambazon! Delicious.

Happy May! How are you celebrating this awesome Spring weather? 

13 thoughts on “Survey Time

  1. Lucie

    Sophie cracks me up! She is adorable!
    And your pancakes look so perfect. I need to try that 2 ingredient one, it’s even Whole30 approved!!

  2. Beth @ Mangoes and Miles

    Your dog is SO cute. That dress….

    Coconut milk is my faaaavorite milk ever. I love it to death.

    I’ll be packing most of today and tomorrow, but I definitely plan on relaxing outside as much as I can! I love the tail end of spring because it’s warm enough to sit outside with not-too-much-clothing but not freeze your butt off. :)


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