How to accomplish your “when I’m skinny” goals without ever losing a pound

“The Future Belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”-Eleanor Roosevelt


I want to share with you a secret…one that took me a very long time to figure out. If you don’t dream or set goals you will never ever accomplish them! Writing our goals down our paper makes us so much more likely to actually accomplish them.

I want you to think about your dreams…leave behind the ifs, buts, and when’s, and just dream. How can you accomplish them?

Think about it, how often have you sat there and thought:

-“I’m sure I would have a boyfriend (or get engaged, or fall in love) when I lose the weight”

– “I would join that gym once I’ve lost a little more weight”

-“I will buy that dress when I’m a little happier with my size”

-“I’ll go on vacation when I lose the weight”

-“I can have the chocolate once I’ve lost a little weight”

How can you reverse this thinking? Make some goals and go after them. It can be as simple as buying a dress you’ve been wanting or as elaborate as planning a move to your dream location you’ve been waiting forever to move to.

Step One: Create a ten-year vision. Where do envision yourself in ten years? Who will you live with? Who is in your life? What do you do? Where do you live? How do you feel? How do you look? Write it all down. Make a vision board. Write daily reminders to remind you of your vision. Here’s an example: My 10-year vision is to live by the beach in California; my bedroom is currently decorated with starfish, blues, and beach pictures. It is a perfect daily reminder that my beautiful dream of living on the beach is 100% possible if I dare to dream it!

So we’ve created your 10-year vision, now set some specific goals for those ten years, then set some specific 5-year goals, and then some 1-year goals. When are you going to accomplish these by?

This is meant to be fun so I want you to dream. It’s totally fine if you don’t end up checking off anything on your goals list. The point is to dream about them. Maybe you don’t become a professional dancer but you might just start taking some dance classes. My big scary, dare to dream goal is to be a Crossfit competitor and maybe I won’t get quite there but I may just start committing to more Crossfit classes and finally get that strict pull up I’ve been waiting for.

So let’s do this: block off some time to dream. Set some goals, get after what you can, and don’t be afraid to dream. If you don’t ever dream it, it can never happen!

Let me know what you come up with in the comments below! 

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14 thoughts on “How to accomplish your “when I’m skinny” goals without ever losing a pound

  1. Kalee

    I love this idea!! :) I have a 30 Year Goal List (I’m 24 now). I want to be a nice, Southern home with enough money to decorate it like I want. I want a job where I help people on a daily basis with a focus on their health :) I love your beach and crossfit goals!

  2. Alicen Ronan

    I totally love this idea. It’s so sad when people don’t do things because their weight is holding them back. The really unfortunate thing is that if they are waiting for that magic moment it’s probably never going to come. I think I might suggest your exercise to my clients who aren’t exactly where they want to be yet. Thanks for this great post!


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