The Problem that Never Existed…

For a very long time I was convinced there was something wrong with me. I was too fat or too thin, not worthy of love, too ugly, too short, and too self-conscious. If things were different, if I were different, my life would be a breeze. But instead I was plagued with this constant problem. I was convinced my weight was an issue; a cross I had to bear and fight for life.

When I got serious about fighting my weight, I came up with a new problem: I was too skinny. Suddenly I was a crazy person around food. I would measure and weigh everything down to my spinach, yet every now and then I had a moment with a jar of peanut butter that I wished I could erase. I had a problem. When my weight wasn’t a problem, my eating was. Then when I gained weight all over again, I became ten times more frustrated.


Every day was a fighting battle. Would I wake up 5lbs heavier today? Would my jeans fit? Would I be able to look in the mirror without cringing? I was afraid of myself. I couldn’t be trusted around food and my body was shameful. I was shameful. I couldn’t be loved or accepted. Who would want to? I was a ugly, crazy person around food and I couldn’t be trusted.

I tried again and again to solve this problem that I so badly thought I had. I saw dietician, after nutritionist, after therapist. I read self-help book, after diet book, after Weight Watchers magazine. I ate low calorie, high fat, and low carb. My problem just couldn’t be fixed.

Then I started to realize, what if I didn’t have a problem at all? What if the problem was actually thinking I had a problem to begin with? What if I loved my body and treated her as if she were perfect? What if I ate like I didn’t have a “problem”? What would happen?

I stopped fighting. I stopped searching for a cure. I stopped dieting. I stopped diagnosing. I started living.

If you want to learn how to make the same shifts in thinking and action that I did, I’m here to help! Fill out these questions and apply for a totally free strategy session with me, and we can discuss all of our options for working together! I can’t wait to talk!

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