My Legs…

As a dancer my legs were a constant area of struggle for me. I hated that they were muscular, bigger, and could never find pants to fit me right. No matter how much I starved myself, skipped meals, and exercised they seemed to never shrink.

Reality check…the pictures on the outside were from deep in my days of struggling with an eating disorder. My legs were far from “huge”, “muscular”, or even strong.

Now, I am proud of my legs. No they will never be skinny, and they don’t always fit right in jeans, but there is so much they CAN do for me.

Since shifting my focus on how my body looks to what it can do for me, I have developed more gratitude than I have ever thought possible.

So now I dare you to embrace something about yourself, you typically ‘hate’. What does it do for you?


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