Unhealthy to ME!


unhealthytomeThis is a really hard post for me to put up. I debated actually sharing a struggle so close to my heart, but in order to really share with you what my latest program is about, I have to tell you why first.

That girl on the left is me. I honestly don’t even recognize her, but I was starving, unhealthy, and ready to crash at any minute. I was terrified to be anything else though. I had worked too hard to let my “skinny” go so instead I chose misery. I missed out on weekends, fun, and life for years, just to stay tiny.

Then I realized, I wasn’t myself, I wasn’t living. I embraced my strength, amped up my workouts, and starting EATING. I am no longer a size 2, do not have razor sharp collar bones, and yep, I hate my broad shoulders, but I am happy.

I eat like a normal human being, which includes chocolate, I don’t diet, and I love my workouts because I am constantly able to set, and crush goals of mine. I am proud to say that my back squat weight is way more important to me than any number on the scale now.

So, do YOU want to get there too? Send me a message and let’s chat! I am so excited to be able to offer just the thing that got my life back!

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