Meal Plan for the Week

Planning out my meals for the week on the new 22 hard corps meal plan and one thing I LOVE is I can adjust it perfectly to fit in my meal timing needs. But it also reminded that not many people know a whole lot about nutrient timing.
LIKE, is avoiding carbs after dark really a thing?! If you workout at night, you actually want to eat the majority of your carbs around your workout, so in this case, around your nighttime training. And you want to place your fat sources at opposite times of the day from your training.
One thing I love about following these portion controlled plans, is they still allow me to customize them to fit my INDIVIDUAL needs.
SO, as I’m getting my own plan for the week, I thought I’d put it out there to let me know if you’re struggling finding your own NICHE with nutrition. It’s an individual process for EVERYONE and we’re all a work in progress of figuring out what works for you. So never GIVE UP or feel like a failure because something isn’t working. You just need to try on a new APPROACH!

Want more plans like this?! Send me a message and join in on one of my groups! I’d love to have you!


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