Meal Plan for the Week

#MEALPLANNING on Sunday!!!
Here is the entire scoop on what I’ll be eating for the week.
I have come up with my own creation! Feel free to ask questions and share.
<3 Do you get bored with your food? What are your favorite sites to find some new clean eating recipes?
Meal Plan 521
Couple things to notice on my plan…
  • I prep a lot ahead! The egg muffins are super easy to make, meat is already cooked, and sweet potatoes roasted
  • Notice my post workout meal is always a protein/carb combination with no fat
  • I always do casein protein at night to help with recovery (here’s a bit more info on my supplementation)
  • I leave my weekend dinners open so I can be flexible with my schedule and start my morning a bit later on Saturday and Sunday!

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