Trick or Treat!

I am absolutely a candy- a-holic! Honestly anything sweet is right up my alley! But I definitely don’t want to ruin all my hard work in just one weekend!!!

So here are some Halloween survival tips!!!
🔹Don’t buy Halloween candy until the day of trick or treating! Trust me they won’t sell out of candy!
Having candy in the house just calls you at weak moments!
🔹Make it a healthy Halloween and give out pretzels; pencils, glow sticks or temporary tattoos and bypass the whole thing!!!
🔹Allow yourself to have 1-3 pieces of candy and let that satisfy the sweet tooth! Don’t deprive yourself- have a taste and give the rest away!
🔹Donate the candy! When the kids go to school on Monday pick out their favorites and donate the rest of the candy or pitch it!! The less temptation the better and honestly the kids won’t even know!!
🔹Focus on your goals and your health! Sure the candy might taste good at the moment but will it make you feel good in the long run or will it leave you feeling guilty???

Don’t let the candy drive you! Be strong- feeling good in your own skin is the best reward you can give yourself!!

Who is committed to a healthy Halloween???

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