Trust the Timing

Usually at the moment when you’re right about to give up… that’s when things start to get really good.
How true is this?
Did you know before I started my current coaching job, I had failed at 3 other business attempts?!
I had a vision for what I wanted to do with my nutrition degree.
I took ALL the classes.
Did ALL the trainings.
Tried ALL the things.
But nothing seemed to work. I had one client in the span of a year. I was ready to settle and decided to start personal training to fill in the gaps.
That same month I started my new job I got a random facebook friend request.
I let it sit for days.
I decided to accept it and got a message. Another business opportunity. I was skeptical. I took months to decide. I was POSITIVE I was going to fail.
But I decided to sign up… quite honestly to prove to him that I would in fact fail.
But something was different this time.
I didn’t give up.
I found the support I needed. I found the trainings I was looking for. I found the community I craved.
And suddenly the one thing I had deemed would never happen, happened.
I worked my booty off and created a full time online coaching business where I was able to share my story while helping other women not feel so alone on their health and fitness journeys.
The coolest part… now I get to help mentor them to start their own businesses too.
Full circle moment, divine intervention, call it what you want. But thank god I never gave up and please never give up too. If you don’t… things are about to get really good 


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