Stop Looking BACK

Stop looking back… you’re not going that way

I used to be the queen of limiting myself. I would write myself off for all the things I had been in the past.

“Too quiet” 
“Not successful”
“Too fluffy”
“Not fit enough”

I would limit what I chose to do based on all the times I had failed in the past. Not surprisingly, by doing this I continued to prove them all right. One of the biggest things I learned from starting my own business, was if I was ever going to be successful, I needed to switch my thinking.

I realized these limiting beliefs were only doing one thing – keeping me stuck exactly where I was. So instead of limiting myself based on my past, I started asking “why not me?”

That shift alone has allowed me to help so many other ladies on their fitness journeys and starting their own online fitness businesses. Imagine if I continued listening to those beliefs and playing it small.

Why not you too?!


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