Hi I’m human too. 👋

On Sunday I finished round two of the 6 week program I’ve been testing out. Because I was in the test group for it we had to report our starting and ending weight for the program.

Cue anxious twitch. 😬

The scale and I don’t always get along. For a long time, I would let a morning weigh in dictate the entire course of my day. Then, I learned better, eased myself off of my addiction to the scale and gave up weighing in entirely.

So when we started this program and had to report our weight, fear crept in. I weighed in, beat myself up for the number, but vowed that it would just be a starting point.

When I stepped on the scale at the 6 week mark, I had to give myself a pep talk.

I had worked hard. I was feeling amazing. I was not going to let a number on the scale determine how much progress I made.

For the first time I let it just be a number and continued forward.

Today when I stepped on it again, it hadn’t budged in 6 weeks. At all. And I’m going to be honest, panic set in. I started discounting all of my hard work. I felt frustrated. Questioned if I should switch things up.

Then I gave myself a reality check. My inches are down. My progress pictures showed change. I feel better. I am happier. My clothes fit better. My energy is up.

And I don’t need a number on a scale to tell me that.

Focus on your health physically and mentally… the rest will fall into place. ✌️


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