Happiness is worth the FIGHT

Caving into the pressure of this challenge and as I compared my very first profile picture to my current at first I honestly didn’t see much change.

“You look more alive”, my friend told me and then I realized something.

That girl on the left. She was dead inside. 

She was likely operating on less than 1000 calories. Freezing. Hungry. Planning the calories for her next meal.

She didn’t live a life.
This is a part of my story I don’t always love to share on social media, because quite honestly it’s not the funnest time of my life to relive.

I missed out on a lot.
I didn’t go to my prom.
I went home during my lunch breaks in high school.
I spent weekends at home during college so I could “control” my food and NEEDED to weigh in on Saturday mornings.

I took great pride in the fact that I kept shrinking and shrinking… and so did my life.

Slowly with lots of time and healing. I learned better. I found my strength. I gained weight. I said goodbye to extremes and starting living my life.

If there’s one thing these pictures tell me it’s this…
Health feels good and happiness is worth the fight.


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