Your body was NEVER the problem.

Your thighs are fat.
You need to lose weight.
You’re so bloated.
Your skin looks terrible.
Why don’t you look like her?
Why do you eat so much?
Why can’t you just change?
What if you had to repeat everything you say to yourself back to your best friend…
To your sister…
To your mom…
To your daughter…
Would you be so harsh? Would you judge as much? Would you see the things you see or find the beauty that you have worked so hard to belittle?
One of the number one tricks I used to shift the not-so-kind thoughts repeating in my head daily, was to flip it onto someone else. Would I still be saying these things? Thinking these thoughts?
Be a little kinder to yourself.
Start seeing the beauty you see in others in yourself.
Your body was never the problem. It’s the way you think about it and see it.
Time to change it. 💛


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