I started my first diet at 10 years old.
It took me 7 years to finally lose the weight.
It took me 3 years of unhealthy extremes to shrink down to a size 00.
It took me 3 years to gain ALL of the weight BACK. 
It took me 4 more years of battling my body; crash diets, intuitive eating, counting macros, low carb, cleanses, detoxes, and more to stay exactly. the. same. weight.
Then for 4 years I learned BALANCE.
I found strength.
I ate kale AND cookies.
I hated my body, wished it were different, all while trying to embrace it, but never stopped trying.
And I found peace (most days 😉 )
It took me 31 years to learn to feel comfortable in my skin.
Reality is you will forever be a work in progress on your journey.
Never stop growing.
Never stop improving.
Never stop EVOLVING.
Just keep swimming.

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