✨Transformation Tuesday Reminder ✨

The absolute WORST thing you can do is compare your own progress to someone else’s.
I talk to my ladies all the time about how challenging it can be to see others losing more weight or inches than them. 
Truth is it is so important to remember we all start from different places.
We all have different bodies.
We all have different lives.
We all change differently.
And there can be sooooo much more happening than just the physical changes you are able to see.
Your mindset may be healthier.
You may be faster, stronger, or breathing better.
You may feel happier.
Your clothes may be fitting better.
Your skin may be clearer.
Your energy may be better.
Remember that your progress is your progress.
Focus on becoming a better version of you.
Just because someone is stronger, faster, or thinner doesn’t mean your effort isn’t as valid.
Work on your own goals for yourself. Progress will come. 

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