Appearances can be deceiving…

What you see…
Another online influencer who has everything going for her.
What you don’t see…
The hours of workouts, staying late, pushing longer, and working on her weaknesses.
The time spent planning, perfecting, branding, and creating content to share.
The meal prep, my fitness pal tracking, and turned down drinks to get closer to her goals.
The Saturdays spent working, sending messages, planning, organizing, and preparing for the week.
The 40 pictures taken to get the one perfect shot.
The struggles she will never talk about on social media.
Always remember for every picture you see, there are a billion things you can’t see
I am not naturally athletic.
I gain weight easily.
I have a screwed up relationship with food.
I struggle with anxiety and depression.
I spent years hating what I saw in the mirror.
I have acne.
I have a slow metabolism.
I am probably worried about something as you’re reading this.
Appearances will always be just that… appearances. No one’s perfect around here. Stop expecting yourself to be. 💛


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