🛑 STOP letting fear hold you back 🛑

For so long I held myself back from so much, simply for the fear of failure.
What if I made the wrong decision? 
What if I wasn’t good enough?
What If I’m too far gone?
What if it’s not possible for me?
Fear stopped me. It limited me. It pushed me to not even bother trying. And guess what… because of that, I continued to stay stagnant and unhappy.
Then I shifted my what ifs?
What if I didn’t fail?
What if I made the right choice?
What if I ended up happier? Better? Stronger?
Just because I had failed in the past didn’t mean I would this time.
Now, I see people all the time who hold themselves back from making change because they are are afraid to fail. They stop themselves before the start. They let self doubt and their inner mean girl trigger them to stay stagnant.
But this time, I challenge you to STOP letting it hold you back.
You are capable of so much more.
Make this the time you take a chance on yourself, you are so worth it.
What if you don’t fail?
What is one thing you’ve let fear hold you back from?

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