“I’m doing everything right and I’m not losing weight.”


I used to say that line constantly. I still remember my frustration so clearly.

I was following a super strict Paleo diet. 
I had a Master’s Degree in Nutrition.
I was working out like a crazy.

And my body wasn’t changing.

Then, I took a good hard look at two things.

My mindset.
My portions.

My mindset towards food was horrible. I constantly thought about all the things I couldn’t eat, craved sugar all day long, and felt so much hatred for the way I looked.

Because I was so frustrated with what I “couldn’t” eat, I overate on all the things I could: fruit to get my sugar fix… dried mango, almond butter, anything to fill the gap from all the foods that were “off limits”.

So I decided to make a change.
I no longer put foods off limits.
I started to address and repair my screwed up relationship with food and my body.
I dialed in my portions and started to learn exactly how much of what foods I needed to reach my goals.

Game Changer.

Finding balance wasn’t easy. It took trial and error. And it certainly wasn’t FAST, but it was so very worth it.

And you can do it too. We can do it together. I’ve got something AMAZING coming very soon 😉
Is this something you struggle with too?

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