100% of your success starts and ends BETWEEN YOUR EARS.

While talking to a few clients this weekend, I noticed a common trend among those having a tough time, and I know I can be guilty of this too.
It wasn’t their fitness getting them off track. 
It wasn’t their nutrition.
It was their MINDSET.
Truth is your mind will often give up long before you actually need to.
As soon as things get challenging, or even worse, we think “we’ve failed” we beat ourselves up, and call it quits.
We tell ourselves we’re not good ENOUGH, or other people are better.
When things get TOUGH we blame ourselves and settle.
One thing I’m learning though is there is NEVER a reason to settle and the only way to fail is to completely stop showing up.
It’s all in the stories you tell yourself.
You are in CONTROL of every situation.
You get to decide to PUSH through.
Every behavior you can ALLOW to continue or stop.
Start telling yourself YOU CAN. You are WORTHY. You DESERVE it.


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