I’ll never forget the picture on the left. It was Easter, and the very first holiday I tackled on my new weight loss journey.
After years of struggling with weight gain, lack of confidence, and trying ALL the diets, something finally clicked.
I learned to control my portions and how much of what foods I needed to see progress. 
I remember being TERRIFIED that I would fail at yet another diet.
I remember feeling GUILT for eating a few foods off of my plan.
I remember that feeling of finally having HOPE that I could actually make this happen.
It wasn’t easy.
It took time.
It took learning and FAILING a lot.
Between these two pictures is a little over 10 years.
10 years of getting to a very unhealthy low weight.
10 years of gaining back all the weight I lost.
10 years of stressing and obsessing over food, then finally learning balance.
10 years of tackling mindset, body image, and ALL the things that were really holding me back from peace with my body.
But I am so very grateful for all of it.
Be thankful for your struggles, they may turn out to be your biggest strengths. 💛


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