Food Mood Connection

Do you use food to cope with emotions? 🍩🍪🍕

For years I would use food as a crutch for stress, distraction for anxiety, or reward when things went well.

And the first thing I thought about when I got frustrated with my lack of progress the other day was that I might as well give up with nutrition and eat whatever I wanted.

But then I reminded myself…

The one thing I wanted to reach for for comfort was the exact thing that would make me even more frustrated, even more disappointed, even sadder, anxious, and stressed.

And now I see it happen all the time with my clients too.

They have a bad day at work and hit the drive through.
They aren’t making progress as quick as they’d like so they take two steps backward and “cheat”.
They focus on everything they “shouldn’t” have and consume it all, in hopes of starting “fresh” on Monday.

But here’s the positive to all of this. If you’re nodding your head in agreement and struggle with the same thing, you’re one step ahead.

It is 100% within your power to CHANGE up your coping mechanisms. It’s time to start replacing your not so great habit with a better one. Recognize that each decision you make has the power to take you one step CLOSER or FURTHER away from the best version of you.

Recognize the behavior.
Acknowledge it.
Reframe it.
And CHANGE it.

Forever a work in progress on this one. Who’s with me?


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