Food is Fuel

PSA You don’t need to EARN food.


I saw a post the other reminding everyone that you still deserve to eat even if you’re not working out today. 

To some that may sound obvious, but to me 6 years ago, that would have spoke volumes.

My rest day would TERRIFY me.

And truth is, for years I felt like I didn’t DESERVE to eat because I was so unhappy in my skin.

I would diet.
Cut out food groups.
Count calories religiously.
Work out harder the more I ate.

And do EVERYTHING I could to ignore my normal hunger cues.

Then I would get HANGRY. Give up. Overeat. And diet started again on Monday.

Sound familiar?

I trapped myself in that cycle for years.
Then I slowly started to shift my mindset.
I stopped ignoring my hunger. I started fueling my body. I ate more and lost weight.

You can break the cycle too.
Your body deserves fuel.
Please feed it. 🙏


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