Summer Meltdown

The Workouts

100 Unique 20-30 Minute Workouts

All 100 workouts are broken down into 5 phases of 20 workouts each. In each phase, you’ll do a 10 workout cycle of 20-30 minute workouts, and then ramp up the intensity and repeat those 10 with an extra challenge.

There are 2 modifiers with every workout. Light, Medium, and Heavy Dumbbells are needed to complete the program.

10 Unique Workout Types

1. CARDIO MELTDOWN: Sweat to the beat while you work to improve your aerobic endurance. No equipment needed.

2. UPBEAT STRENGTH: Sculpt a stronger back, chest, shoulders, and arms with rhythm-based time-under-tension moves. Requires light, medium, and heavy dumbbells.

3. CORE INFERNO: Burn out your abs and melt off layers with challenging core-strengthening exercises. Requires light and medium dumbbells.

4. TOTAL BODY BADASS: Build full-body strength with lighter weights and intense plyometric exercises in this exhilarating workout. Requires light and medium dumbbells.

5. FREESTYLE FLOW: Half yoga-flow inspired, half mobility workout, this routine is designed to help with your recovery. Mat optional.

6. LIT CARDIO: This high-intensity interval training workout is designed to torch the fat off your body. No equipment needed.

7. DOWNBEAT STRENGTH: Build stronger quads, hamstrings, and glutes with rhythm-based time-under-tension moves. Requires light, medium, and heavy dumbbells.

8. FIGHT CLUB: Jericho draws from a variety of mixed martial arts disciplines for an incredible core-shredding cardio session. No equipment needed.

9. MELTCON: Break the beat with total-body strength training which will challenge your cardiovascular system to help you build muscle and melt major calories. Requires light, medium, and heavy dumbbells.

10. RE-VIBE: Refresh and revive as you recover with a yoga-inspired flow and then transition into deep, static stretches that aid in recovery. Mat optional.

The Nutrition Plan

Simplified Nutrition to take your results to the next level.

You’ll have three different nutrition plans to choose from depending on your goals and what works best for you.

Everything from a mindful eating based program created by a Registered Dietician, to Portion Controlled Nutrition, to simple mix and match recipes to choose from.

The best part?! In our coach test group, coaches saw results with each of the three different plans. There’s something for everyone!

Additional Resources

The B100 Journal & Wall Calendar

Your program comes with a B100 journal to guide you through the program. Tackle mindset, journal your progress, and track your 100 days through the program. You will fall in LOVE with this component.

Superfood Shake

Acts like salad, tastes like cake! This superfood packed shake has the nutritional equivalent to 7 plates of salad in one glass. I drink it daily as one simple, easy meal I don’t have to think about. It’s helped me so much with my mega sweet tooth and conquering cravings and it was the #1 reason I was able to stick with the nutrition plan.

Greens Boost

This is a personal favorite of our trainer, Jericho.

This can be added to your shake to give you the equivalent of 1 cup of nutrient-dense veggies and exotic greens. This is a GREAT way to add in some extra nutrition to your day and is especially good for those who don’t love vegetables!

Pre & Post Workout

These are designed to take your results to the next level. Energize our plant based pre workout provides a natural energy boost before your workout (PERFECTION for morning workouts) and recover, a whey based protein shake, will provide the proper post workout fuel to help you maximize results and recover effectively. P.S. it tastes like chocolate milk.

The Results

My personal journey with this program was amazing…

I was lucky enough to be a part of the coach test group for this program, and was blown away at how much my body transformed while going through the program.

I am admittedly not a morning person and didn’t think I could commit to 100 days straight without some rest days.

BUT I am so proud to say I proved myself wrong. Not only did I fall in love with the workouts, but I watched as my body leaned out and sculpted exactly how I wanted.

The variety of the workouts was amazing and it kept me guessing each day to see what would be next. Zero boredom and zero plateaus. I cannot say ENOUGH good things about it! You gotta try!

Support & Accountability

This is my FAVORITE part!! When you join us you’ll get access to our online VIP Test Group. We’ll go through the program together, day 1 to day 100. We start together and end together. We check in daily, share our wins, struggles, even meet in the early AM and workout together if you like. I’ll be there for everything you need as well, no question too small!

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