10 Years of Change

2010 was a tough year for me. ⁣
I had just graduated college with a degree in dance and zero idea of what I wanted to do with my life. ⁣
I was in the process of recovering from an eating disorder, and weighed about 40lbs more than I had been just a few years before. ⁣

I had accepted the fact that if I wanted to thrive and live a healthy life, I needed to eat food, so I did. ⁣
I was in a period of healing. ⁣
of growing. ⁣
But I also felt so stuck. ⁣

I hated my body and thought it would never change. ⁣
I believed I would forever be unhappy in my skin. ⁣
I had zero idea of what life had in store for me or what direction I would go in. ⁣

The perfect reminder that everything is temporary. ⁣

For me this was a low. ⁣
But it was also the springboard for the rest of my life. ⁣

I grew → then shrunk a bit ⁣
Built strength → then shared it ⁣
Found fitness → realized my passion ⁣
Hit bottom → learned to fight ⁣

Forever going through seasons and periods of growth. ⁣

If you’re in a tough spot remember it could be your greatest opportunity for change. ⁣
Embrace it. 💛


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