You’ll never feel READY

When I started my fitness journey, I would watch the crossfit people from the treadmills wishing I was brave enough to try. ⁣

I would avoid the weights section and was terrified to even touch a barbell. ⁣

Then, when I finally got convinced to test it out, I quickly realized how much room I had to improve from my hours on the elliptical. ⁣

A 400M sprint was a 400M jog/walk. ⁣
It took me over a year to do a pull up. ⁣
And don’t get me started on throwing a med ball and catching it. (I had a bloodshot eye at one point from a few too many wall balls to the face). ⁣

But I continued to show up. ⁣

I continued to have faith that if I repeated the things that were hard for me over and over again, they’d get a little easier. ⁣

What I quickly learned was once they became easier, I’d find a new goal to chase. ⁣

My point is we all start somewhere. ⁣
We are all a beginner at one point. ⁣
We will forever have something we want to improve upon. ⁣

But the best way to learn and improve is to start. ⁣

It’s also to fail. ⁣
It’s to feel slow, or weak, or not quite enough yet. ⁣
If you’re doubting yourself. ⁣
If you’re scared. ⁣
If you don’t feel “ready” ⁣

The best way to change that… is to just start. ⁣💛


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