Since I was 8 years old, any time I would sit in a chair, I would curse my thighs.⁣
I’d watch them expand and wish so badly that they would shrink overnight.⁣

That became a common theme for most of my life.⁣

I wasted so much time wishing to be smaller.⁣
I used up hours upon hours determining my worth on a scale, plotting my next diet, and calculating my calories, points, and macros for the day.⁣
I hid for years in the baggiest clothes I could find.⁣

For years I truly hated my body and prayed it would shrink. I just wanted to be thin.⁣

I talk about my love of fitness and how it’s become my therapy a lot, but what I don’t always share is how it also became the KEY in changing how I viewed my body.⁣

Fitness was the number one thing to teach me gratitude for my body no matter it’s size.⁣
It was one thing that shifted my focus away from how my body looked, to instead appreciate all it could do.⁣

I quickly learned how strong those thighs I used to curse were.⁣

My legs had carried me through years and years of dance.⁣
My legs had put up with years of restricted calories only to never once fail me with an injury.⁣
My legs help me daily – walk, squat, move, teach fitness classes, jump, run, etc…⁣

My thighs are forever going to expand when I sit down and that is something I’m now very grateful for. ⁣
It shows my health, it shows my strength, and as they continue to carry me daily, I am so glad they never did wither away like I had hoped. ⁣

It’s time to stop hating your body. ⁣
Choose gratitude. ⁣
Embrace your strength.⁣

What is something you’re grateful for about your body?


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