🖤 Self Love Reminders 🖤⁣

It’s okay to say no.⁣
You are worthy.⁣
You matter.⁣
Let go of perfectionism.⁣
Follow your dreams.⁣
Get a good therapist.⁣
Embrace your “imperfections”⁣
Your uniqueness makes you wonderful.⁣
Heal your inner critic.⁣
You are in charge of your life.⁣
It’s okay to not be ok.⁣
It’s okay to ask for help.⁣
It’s okay to be wildly happy.⁣
Create time for “just you”.⁣
You are always beautiful.⁣
Forgive yourself.⁣
Be kind & gentile with yourself.⁣
Own your strength.⁣
You are loved.⁣

Happy Early Valentine’s Day beauties 💕 Little reminder to always love yourself first. ⁣

Honest thoughts on Valentine’s Day… love it or hate it? 🤷‍♀️


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