3 things you think are healthy but are hurting your weight loss…

I hear this all the time.
“I’m doing everything right and I’m not losing weight.”
Oftentimes it feels like we’re making healthy choices but not seeing the progress we’d like.
Here are 3 triggers that can impact our gut health AND when our gut health is compromised and can become even more difficult to lose weight and reach our goals (hello bloating, gas, cravings, skin problems, & more).
1️⃣ Consuming foods we think are “healthy” but we have an undiagnosed sensitivity to. For many this can be a dairy sensitivity, gluten or other common trigger foods that are causing bloat and inflammation in our bodies.
2️⃣ Artificial Sweeteners or other “diet foods”. Now look in small doses these are perfectly fine and there is no evidence that they cause any health issues. But with over consumption and for certain individuals, these can wreak mega havoc on our digestion and gut, and lead to further bloating, cravings, and some other not so pleasant side effects. Something else I see a lot is the “keto” diet foods which are typically high in fat and calories and not quite as “healthy” as we think.
3️⃣ Overtraining and lack of recovery. This is a tricky one, we think running more, or pushing hard in the gym will yield better or faster results but that’s simply not the case. If we never give our bodies the time to rest and recover like we need, our bodies remain in a stressed out state, our hormones are out of whack, and we often don’t see the results we crave.
Are you doing any of these? I know I can certainly stand to work on ditching some more of my artificial sweetener packed foods. What about you?! 🍭

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