How’s your mindset?

It’s crazy how our headspace can change in an instant.
Last Tuesday I had my fastest 3 mile run yet, felt great in my skin, and spent the best evening with some of my favorite people. I felt like I was finally getting back to a place where I felt comfy and happy in my body.
Wednesday morning I woke up tired, puffy, and uncomfortable in my skin. I felt hungrier than normal, started to doubt my progress, and compare past versions of myself to where I’m at now.
Did my body physically change overnight?
Not at all.
Did my mindset?
Here’s the thing with your relationship with your body: it’s constantly changing. It will never be linear, and we can’t necessarily always control the negative thoughts that pop into our heads.
BUT we can control how we choose to react to them.
In the past that negative headspace would’ve likely led me to isolate and opt to one of two extremes:
1️⃣ Skip my scheduled rest day and hit the gym even harder OR give up on my step goal all together and embrace rest day sloth mode in full force. 🦥
2️⃣ Food wise, I would have either plotted my next greatest cleanse OR ate everything in my cabinets, likely in preparation for that cleanse. 🥗
Not any more.
I took time on Wednesday to journal a bit more.
I got my steps in but also gave my body the rest it really needed. 👣
I spent some time thinking as to why I was perhaps a bit more inflamed than usual. 🤔
And I didn’t change a thing. I chose to accept my body for where it’s at. Appreciate my body for what it does for me. And move on with my day.
Because the reality is, you won’t always love your body, but it’s totally possible to always choose to accept your body, and not let those emotions dictate your actions.
Lots of love 😘

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