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That shake I drink daily… I don’t do it to lose weight. 

And I’d like to argue that the simple act of adding anything into your diet, be it special coffee, a shake, a pill, a wrap, etc.. is never going to solely contribute to weight loss alone. 🤷‍♀️

So why do I swear by it then?

It’s my daily multivitamin.
The reason I don’t get sick very often.
My energy boost.
Cravings crusher.
And a big reason I’m able to feel satisfied on a daily basis while operating in a calorie deficit.

I know I’m fueling my body with top notch nutrition when I drink it, which is why I do daily. And honestly nothing makes me happier than hearing wins from my ladies that they have lower cholesterol, improved blood work, weaned off of stomach meds, better digestion, and more energy.

Definitely not making claims, just sharing what works for me, and this shake has been a huge key in my nutrition journey. Trust me I did my research and I genuinely LOVE what’s going into it. I haven’t missed a day in years.

Oh and P.S. most often I don’t drink it. It’s usually my nightly sweet tooth fix in the form of thin mint brownie batter or peanut butter cup protein pudding. 🍫

Anyone else struggle with a nighttime sweet tooth?! 🍩🍪🙋‍♀️


You look more muscular…

“You look more muscular…”

In the past hearing that would have instantly been a trigger for me. 

I’d start plotting how I could cut even more food out of my diet OR I’d be adding in some extra elliptical sessions for the week.

But most likely both.

You see I’m all for the strong not skinny movement, but I also want to assure you that I was always the girl who was terrified of lifting weights and getting “bulky”.

Coming from an eating disorder and background in dance my ideal body was always as skinny as I could possibly be.

Then I got there. I was miserable. Unhealthy. Had zero life. And felt sick all the time.

I knew I had to make a change.

Enter CrossFit and strength training. 🏋🏻‍♀️

And one of the first things I noticed was no one was concerned about being skinny. They wanted to be stronger, faster, fitter.

Game changer.

I slowly started to transform my own mindset.
I became less afraid of building muscle.
I prioritized fuel over weight loss.
I started to find peace with my body as it was.

And while yes, for a second when I heard that comment the other day, I still panicked a bit in my head, I quickly got over it and realized just how little it matters how muscular or not muscular I am.

Forever learning to love my body in every season.
Not always easy but so very necessary. 💛

P.S. Strength Building Dumbbell Circuit going up on my IG @daniellegracep 📸 come join me 💪


Be Kind

Understand this.
you can sound confident & have anxiety.
you can look healthy but feel like crap.
you can look happy & be miserable inside.
you can be good looking & feel ugly. 
So be kind, because every person is fighting a battle you know nothing about. 💛


Food is Fuel

PSA You don’t need to EARN food.


I saw a post the other reminding everyone that you still deserve to eat even if you’re not working out today. 

To some that may sound obvious, but to me 6 years ago, that would have spoke volumes.

My rest day would TERRIFY me.

And truth is, for years I felt like I didn’t DESERVE to eat because I was so unhappy in my skin.

I would diet.
Cut out food groups.
Count calories religiously.
Work out harder the more I ate.

And do EVERYTHING I could to ignore my normal hunger cues.

Then I would get HANGRY. Give up. Overeat. And diet started again on Monday.

Sound familiar?

I trapped myself in that cycle for years.
Then I slowly started to shift my mindset.
I stopped ignoring my hunger. I started fueling my body. I ate more and lost weight.

You can break the cycle too.
Your body deserves fuel.
Please feed it. 🙏


Food Mood Connection

Do you use food to cope with emotions? 🍩🍪🍕

For years I would use food as a crutch for stress, distraction for anxiety, or reward when things went well.

And the first thing I thought about when I got frustrated with my lack of progress the other day was that I might as well give up with nutrition and eat whatever I wanted.

But then I reminded myself…

The one thing I wanted to reach for for comfort was the exact thing that would make me even more frustrated, even more disappointed, even sadder, anxious, and stressed.

And now I see it happen all the time with my clients too.

They have a bad day at work and hit the drive through.
They aren’t making progress as quick as they’d like so they take two steps backward and “cheat”.
They focus on everything they “shouldn’t” have and consume it all, in hopes of starting “fresh” on Monday.

But here’s the positive to all of this. If you’re nodding your head in agreement and struggle with the same thing, you’re one step ahead.

It is 100% within your power to CHANGE up your coping mechanisms. It’s time to start replacing your not so great habit with a better one. Recognize that each decision you make has the power to take you one step CLOSER or FURTHER away from the best version of you.

Recognize the behavior.
Acknowledge it.
Reframe it.
And CHANGE it.

Forever a work in progress on this one. Who’s with me?