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Ladder Down Couplets

Here is a brand new workout for you! Complete each couplet before moving on to the next one. You will start with 10 reps of movement one, then 10 reps of movement two. You will then complete 9 reps of movement one, then 9 reps of movement two, all the way down to 1. The goal is to move quickly between exercises while still maintaining quality form.



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Apricot Scallop Stir Fry Plus Fitness Friday!

Happy Friday! We’ve finally made it to the end of the week! Today you’re getting fitness and a recipe!

First off Fitness Friday!!! 

CrossFit seems to be growing more and more popular by the day so I thought it might be neat to break down the different movements and lifts you’ll see in CrossFit and some tips for getting that form right!

Today is all about the Air Squat!

If you can sit in a chair you are capable of doing an air squat! This is one of my favorite moves of CrossFit because almost everyone can do it and it is easily scalable! The goal/standards of an air squat in CrossFit are getting the hips below parallel at the bottom of your squat and opening the hips at the top!

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures and a perfect example of proper depth:


Some tips to remember when squatting (basically everything the baby says!)

  • To set up the squat feet should be shoulder width apart, eyes neutral, and midline tight (abs engaged).
  • To initiate the movement send your hips back and down (as you would to sit in a chair).
  • Weight is through your heels, do not rock forward onto your toes.
  • Throughout the squat you want to maintain a strong lumbar curve! This means that your back is not rounding over or hyper extending!
  • Chest should be tall even at the bottom of your squat, fight to stay upright!
  • Eyes are neutral throughout the squat (don’t look down or up).
  • Throughout the squats knees should be in line with the toes! This means they aren’t caving in or passing your toes at the bottom or your squat. You can check this by making sure your shins stay as vertical as possible!

 Now go squat! 

I also have a guest post up today on Jenn’s site…A Runner’s Story! It’s all about CrossFit and a compilation of some of my previous CrossFit posts! Check it out here!

Onto the recipe! 

I am not the biggest fan of seafood! I always wish I was because I know how great it is for you! Not only is it such a good source of lean protein but has so many other benefits including omega 3’s, great for heart health, and scallops in particular contain B12, another crucial factor in maintaining heart health! Here is a recipe perfect for summer and combines my favorite food ever…fruit with a milder tasting seafood! Perfect for me!

Apricot Scallop Stir Fry


  • 3/4lb scallops
  • 1/2 cup all natural apricot preserves
  • 1-2 tsp. coconut aminos
  • 5 oz chopped mushrooms
  • 10 oz bag of frozen or fresh snap peas
  • tbs. fresh ginger, chopped
  • 1/2 tsp. minced garlic
  • olive oil, 1-2 tbs.

Directions: In a small bowl, mix together your coconut aminos and apricot preserves and let sit. Meanwhile microwave or saute your snap peas until fully cooked. In a saute pan, add around 1 tbs. olive oil and saute your mushrooms. When they are almost fully cooked add in your ginger and garlic. Remove the mushrooms from the pan. Add another tbs. or so of olive oil in the pan and cook your scallops. Cook on both sides about 5-6 minutes each side depending on how well done you like them. When the scallops are done cooking combine the scallops, apricot sauce, mushrooms, and snap peas in your saute pan and warm together over low heat 2-3 minutes!

Some Notes!!! 

This recipe is both gluten free and Paleo, with the exception of the snap peas, peas are technically legumes so they are not paleo! To make it Paleo swap the snap peas for broccoli, spinach, kale, or any other green veggie!!!

If you are not Paleo you could serve this recipe on top of brown rice or gluten free rice noodles!

Apricot Scallop Stir Fry

All Together! 

Like seafood or don’t touch it?! What’s your favorite kind? Mine is shrimp!

Squats, love them or hate them? I happen to love them!

What I ate Wednesday (Plus some CrossFit)

Happy Wednesday!!! Are you celebrating What I ate Wednesday! If you are link up over at Jenn’s blog…or just head over and check out everyone’s posts! Thanks so much to Jenn for hosting!

We’re combing eats and fitness this month! But first onto the eats….

Here’s a combo of eats from the past few days!

Breakfast has been the same! Siggi’s yogurt, my new favorite, and 2 tbs. of flax

Lunches and Dinners have been the usual salads! Getting in a rainbow!

If not salads its a focus on lean protein and veggies!

Snacks have been apple slices with a peanut flour drizzle and cinnamon

Many handfuls of cherries!


And this awesome Kind bar!! Can’t wait to try the new flavors!

Onto the Fitness!!!! 

CrossFit WODing has been happening as usual!!! Feeling extra motivated after watching the Games!

Monday’s WOD was strength work… 1RM Clean and Jerk and then 80% of that OTMEM I got up to 135…

Tuesday’s WOD was working on our goals! I did Wall Balls, Ring Dips, and Double Unders! I’m still using a skinny band for ring dips and think I will be for a while but can’t wait until I don’t need one!

I also want to talk a bit more about CrossFit today! So if you read my blog regularly you know that this past weekend was the CrossFit Games! They were absolutely amazing and inspiring and I hope everyone got a chance to check them out this weekend! You may be wondering why I am so obsessed and enthusiastic about my love of CrossFit so I wanted to share with you my story of what CrossFit means to me! Here goes:

Before I was a CrossFitter, I was a dancer! I loved dance and even went for my B.A. in Dance. I had a very enjoyable four years of college but also struggled a lot with body image…it’s pretty hard not to when you’re wearing a leotard and tights in front of a mirror on a daily basis! After graduation, the reality of “now what?” came quick and I ended up pursuing the route of part time jobs from group fitness to teaching dance. I really loved my group fitness classes and got inspired to spend quite a bit of time in the gym. The focus for me was still on the way I looked, again when you are taking daily fitness classes you are spending a good hour of your day staring in the mirror while you work out. I would create my own weight circuits to do in the gym, take kick, spin, step, anything to up my cardio, and spent just a little too much time on the elliptical. Fast forward a few months and the gym that I taught at started offering separate CrossFit classes. I was intimidated by the classes, yet wanted so badly to try them. For a good 6 months, I watched from the elliptical what was going on in CrossFit, too nervous to try it for myself. After talking to one of the coaches about it, she convinced me to finally come try a class that Saturday morning. So I went!

I will never forget that Saturday! It was a field and team workout, including everything from burpees to fireman’s carries, and finishing inside with deadlifts! It was one of the hardest things I had done, yet one of the funnest. After that day I joined and from there I was hooked. My first 8 months of CrossFit I wasn’t really, all in. I went around 3 times a week but didn’t change up my nutrition and will admit, I sometimes skipped the workouts I was afraid of. Then came my first Paleo challenge. It was then that everything clicked for me. I started CrossFitting 4-5 times a week and following strict Paleo. During this time I started to see actual progress. It was then that I realized that this progress I was seeing had absolutely nothing to do with how I looked but rather what I could do! When we did our final benchmarks for the challenge I was ten times more excited about the fact that my back squat went up by 20lbs than the fact that my measurements went down!

Fast forward to today! CrossFit is a huge part of my life. I fuel myself with healthy foods for CrossFit. I schedule my days around when I want to WOD. I set monthly and yearly goals based on what I want to accomplish in CrossFit. CrossFit has taught me a ton but one of the most important things it has taught me has absolutely nothing to do with fitness. For the first time, I have learned how to be proud of myself, how to push myself beyond what I think I am capable of, how to trust my coaches and learn new things daily. CrossFit has taught me what it means to put what I can do first and how I look second! I couldn’t ask for anything more than that! Being a part of one of the most supportive and motivating communities has inspired me to just be better! Do better! Act better! Feel better! I can’t imagine where I would be had I not gone to my first CrossFit class! Had I known from the start how much CrossFit would impact my life, I would have started a long time ago, but I am so grateful that I started when I did and that I continue to enjoy it on a daily basis!

Missed my past CrossFit posts? Here they are:

So tell me…did you watch the games? What did you think? 

Would you try CrossFit? 

Marvelous in My Monday

Happy Monday!!!! Thank you as always to Katie for making our Monday’s better by hosting Marvelous in my Monday!!!! So many things are marvelous about this Monday but here are just a few…

 Meal Prep Monday….

Apples, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Goat Cheese Medallions, Red Pepper, Shredded Carrots, Baby Spinach, not pictured are Sweet Potatoes and Cherries

Siggi’s yogurt, Fresh Field’s Chicken breast, Organic Powdered Peanut Butter, Peaches Applegate Farms Southwestern Chicken, Kelp Noodles

Pretty simple grocery trip this week. I’ve been lacking in ideas for meals and recipe inspiration lately! Any recipes you want to see Paleoified or made gluten free? 

Marvelous Food Finds

Kelp Noodles! I keep seeing these in random recipes and finally found them at Whole Foods! I curious to cook with them! Detoxinista just posted a recipe with them so I think I will have to try it out!

Goat Cheese Medallions! These are from Trader Joe’s and while I have seen them on the Fitnessista’s blog many times, I have never been able to find them…until now! I love goat cheese and love that this is pre-portioned into a 1 oz serving! Perfection!

CrossFit Games Weekend

So the CrossFit Games are over and while I am sad that they are done for the year, what an amazing weekend! I was so inspired by watching these athletes work so hard all weekend! This made me realize what an amazing community the CrossFit community is! It’s amazing to see how much the sport of CrossFit is growing and I am excited to see it continues to grow!

What do you get when you combine dedication, determination, motivation, hard work, support and inspiration?….The CrossFit Games!

Some of my favorite moments of the weekend:

Spealler’s final workout: Chris Spealler is the only CrossFit athlete to have competed in all six of the CrossFit Games! This is his last year competing as an individual and as he competed in his entire workout, the whole crowd went crazy for him! Truly awesome! He represents CrossFit for me! Random fact: he was one of my Level One coaches when I did the cert. last August and was super nice!

The Sportsmanship: I say it all the time but one of my favorite things about the games is how supportive the athletes are of each other. At the end of every workout the athletes all tend to gather around the final competitor working to cheer him/her on! It is not uncommon to see them giving advice, coaching the athlete through the movements, or just offering encouragement! Such a great display of community!

My favorite workouts…

The Girls~I mentioned it before but I love watching the teams compete! This workout was in last’s year’s games as well and is the only repeat workout ever in the games! It also happens to be one of my favorites because it is 100% pure CrossFit! Each team member completes one of the Girls (Elizabeth, Fran, Isabelle, Grace, Diane, Karen) workouts before the next team member begins. Walk into any CrossFit box and your WOD may just be one of these “girls”. The final workout for individuals was very similar to this workout and I loved that it ended with Fran!!!!!

The Clean Ladder~This is just the coolest display of raw strength and technique coming together! This is such a spectator WOD too because there are so many athletes to watch all at once!

Marvelous Links….

Just some link love from the past week! As always there is always so much I want to feature but here are just a few of my favorites!

Do you have a link you want to share? 

Tell me something Marvelous about your weekend?

Weekend Wrap Up plus Games Weekend!

Happy Weekend!!! Lots have been going on this week but most importantly it is CrossFit Games weekend!!! Who’s excited?!!! I know I am! Maybe a little too excited! Before we get to my thoughts on the games thus far, let’s recap what you missed this week!

The Eats: 

The salad obsession continues! This weeks favorite is peaches in my salad! Delicious!

Strawberries and Watermelon!

Tried out Sara’s 3 ingredient pancake from Nourish and Flourish! It was awesome! I made a few swaps and included a banana, 3 egg whites, 2 tbs. of coconut flour, sprinkle of cinnamon, and 12 drops of liquid vanilla stevia from NuNaturals!

On top is peanut flour mixed with water and a sprinkle of cinnamon!

I’ve been enjoying tons of fresh summer fruit….

Inspired by another fabulous blogger Katie! I tried out her recipe for a Diva Vanilla Caramel Cake in a Mug

Amazing!!! I didn’t have caramel extract on hand so I used vanilla and topped with peanut flour! It was so good and super filling!

Plus I brought back an old favorite this week!

Sweet potato with goat cheese and cinnamon! I used to eat these all the time and then kind of forgot about them! So delicious and easy! They are definitely back for good!

 The Workouts:

  • Monday: CrossFit~Double under/modified Cindy WOD
  • Tuesday: CrossFit~DT Hero WOD, volume training on pull ups plus a 3 mile run
  • Wednesday: Zumba and CrossFit~OHS day!
  • Thursday: CrossFit~ Tabata and HSPU (down to 1 ab mat and a 10lbs plate…woo hoo), volume training on pull ups, and Zumba
  • Friday: Spin and active recovery…a nice long walk outside

Random News of the Week:

~In addition to being a very proud Fitfluential ambassador I am also now a Sweat Pink ambassador!

~My Integrative Nutrition classes start Monday! Can’t wait get to get started!

~I am also now posting as an expert blog on…check out my blog over there too!

Onto the Games! 

I cannot believe the CrossFit Games are here!  This is quite possibly my favorite weekend of the year! It is so amazing and inspiring to watch all of these athletes and to see just how much they are capable of! Lucky for me there is tons of coverage on the games this year! ESPN3 is featuring certain events on their site, the CrossFit Games site has a live stream up (which I am glued too), and Fitfluential has reps out there representing for us and tweeting up to the minute info!

My thoughts on yesterday….

All I can say is WOW! I love how big CrossFit is getting! Last year I felt like I was the only one glued to the games all weekend and  this year it seems like so many more people are super excited and tuning into all the coverage!

One of my favorite events to watch yesterday was the team event pushing “big bob”. One of the things I love about the games is the way the events are so visually appealing to watch! I think this gets overlooked sometimes but it just makes them that much better to watch. In case you haven’t heard yet, big bob is a 750lbs sled that is pushed down a field and pulled back by 6 person teams!!! Crazy!!! All this was after an all out 400M sprint relay!

I want to go to CrossFit ASAP! Unfortunately yesterday was my rest day but I have never been so excited to go to CrossFit this morning! Feeling so inspired!

If you are tuning into the games check out the teams too and not just the individuals! The individuals are amazing and get a lot of coverage but sometimes the teams get overlooked and they are actually my favorite to watch!

Continue to check out the games all day today and tomorrow and let me know what you think!!! I’ll have a recap up on Monday as well as my own CrossFit story later in the week!

In the mean time check back tomorrow for a Paleo Recipe…Little Preview:

What’s up for your weekend? Any exciting plans? Thoughts on the Games so far? 

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