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“Stop treating fitness like it’s a punishment.

You can choose to eat and exercise in a way that significantly improves the way you look and feel.

That’s not a punishment…

That’s a privilege.” – Carter Good

Did you workout today?! 61041032_953574838176_209598080536805376_n

Mindset is KEY!

I have to work out today….
Correction: I GET TO workout today.
I talk to so many people who say they just can’t find the motivation to workout. One thing I’ve found is practicing GRATITUDE in any situation can almost always be a solution.
What if you stopped looking at fitness as a chore?
Instead saw it as a privilege.
Something amazing your body is capable of doing each and every day.
Today you get to workout. You get to feel more positive, improve your health, and move your body in a way that not everyone is capable of.
Will you take advantage of that?! Who’s getting their Friday workout in? 💪


I’m Sorry 💗

Full transparency. I regret a lot of things I’ve done in the past to my body.
I starved myself on less than 1000 calories a day.
I did hours of cardio with the hopes of “burning away” my body fat.
I celebrated my size 00s. 
I fueled my body with low calorie ‘chemical shitstorms’ for years.
Little did I know I was forever damaging my metabolism.
I was training my body to hold on to any fuel I gave it.
I was destroying my gut, my health, and would develop Celiac Disease shortly after.
I would develop panic attacks and anxiety that I would forever battle.
But I would learn. I would share. I would heal. And I would THRIVE.
Dear body: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for blaming you. Abusing you. Starving you.
But thank you for standing by me. For staying strong. And for teaching me some of the greatest lessons I now have the power to share.
Be so very thankful for your struggles. They may turn out to be your biggest strengths. 💗


Self Love and Weight Loss?

I used to feel self conscious to talk about self love and weight loss at the same time.
How could I help people lose weight and get healthy, while telling them to learn to love their bodies at the same time?
Was me posting a before and after doing more harm than good?
Then I realized something.
It is 100% okay to learn to love your body where you’re at, while working to change it.
There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to feel healthier.
With wanting to MOVE more.
With wanting to weigh less to improve how you feel on a daily basis.
With weight loss can come more energy, better sleep, a happier mood, and improved confidence.
But if you’re waiting on your weight loss to feel better in your skin you’re doing it wrong…
Working towards a healthier you WHILE embracing where you are at on your journey.
That is the key.
Know that it is 110% possible to change your life, health, and body BUT if you don’t work on you mindset now, you will forever feel the same 10, 20, even 30 lbs from now.
Find BALANCE. Find HEALTH. Always here to help.