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Perfectly Imperfect

To all the women out there hating their legs….please stop.
Your legs carry you through life.
They allow you to run, jump, even just walk.
I always used to HATE my legs. Too muscular. No thigh gap. Just heavy. Since then I’ve grown to see them differently.
They are my strength.

They are my movement.
They are there when I fall (and I do A LOT)
Never be ashamed of your strength, your imperfections.
It’s OK to show up to the world in a very BIG way. 💕

Lose 20 lbs in 2 days 🙄🙄🙄

If something sounds too good to be true…

it usually is. 

You will not lose sustainable weight by drinking a special coffee. ☕️

No gel, wrap, or cream will really help you decrease body fat.🤷‍♀️

And I promise you can drink all the celery juice in the world, but if you’re not putting in the work…

Moving your body…
Eating healthy 80 % of the time…
Getting enough sleep…
Taking care of your mind and body…

The results won’t last.

In a world of quick fixes, skinny teas , and the easy button.. be different.

Put in the work.
Make yourself a priority.
Change takes time.

It’s not easy, but it will be so worth it.🙌

Motivation is Fleeting

“How do you stay MOTIVATED all the time?”

I hate to break it to you but to almost everyone… motivation is fleeting.
No one wants to workout 24/7.
No one wants to eat healthy all the time. 
And quite honestly 99% of the time you aren’t going to feel “motivated” to start.

But what if that didn’t matter?
What if you stopped waiting to feel motivated and just started taking action.

Do you feel motivated to wash your face every night? Brush your teeth every morning?
But we do it anyway…. Why? Because it’s a habit we know we have to do.

What if you treated your fitness journey the same way.

I guarantee the more you push through and repeat the habits, even when you don’t feel like, the easier it’s going to be to stick to it.

Reality is how much motivation you have is NOT what determines your success.

What does?

Your consistency over time, DESPITE your level of motivation.

Start some new habits, build up consistency, COMMIT to them even when you don’t feel like it.
Watch your life TRANSFORM.


Different Mindset

Same shirt. Different year. Totally different mindset. ✌️

2018 started off rough.
When I took the picture on the left I was PRAYING things would get better.
I was dealing with depression worse than I ever had, and felt completely lost. 

My workouts started declining and my nutrition was slipping away.
I no longer knew where I wanted to live, who I wanted to be, and quite honestly just didn’t want to be here anymore.

Little did I know after 9 long months and hitting my lowest of lows, I was going to be handed the opportunity to change my life.

One message saying… “you should probably check your email”… was about to turn my entire year around.

20 minutes a day. A step. Shaun T. The focus, mindset, and motivation I was missing.
And for the first time in a while, I am starting the year off in a very POSITIVE place.

I’m no longer hoping for a better year ahead or wishing for a change.

I stuck to the plan. I trusted the process. And I promise, if you join us too the same opportunity is there for you. Will you take it?! 🤷‍♀️