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The Key to Motivation

Wanna know my secret to staying on my fitness journey?! 🦄

I have other people counting on me.

I’ve always struggled fighting for myself, but if there is one thing I’m REALLY good at it’s showing up for other people. 

While chatting with a client today who’s been struggling to commit to a fitness routine, I realized just how KEY that piece of accountability is.

We made a game plan where she would meet her friend for their workout 3 times a week to get started (because baby steps are important).

Now she’ll be showing up not just for herself, but because she knows someone is counting on her.

And quite honestly, that’s been my magic trick to holding myself accountable on the days when I DON’T feel like working out or eating right.

–> I know I have a team of ladies who are counting on me.
–> I know I have to share a check in and my life on social media.
–> I know in order to set an example for others I have to follow through too.

And it’s never about being perfect, but it is about showing up and making an effort. It’s about PROGRESS.

Did you show up today?! 🙋

Need a little extra accountability? Want the ultimate accountability by becoming a coach? Always here and you can do it too 😘


Stop Looking BACK

Stop looking back… you’re not going that way

I used to be the queen of limiting myself. I would write myself off for all the things I had been in the past.

“Too quiet” 
“Not successful”
“Too fluffy”
“Not fit enough”

I would limit what I chose to do based on all the times I had failed in the past. Not surprisingly, by doing this I continued to prove them all right. One of the biggest things I learned from starting my own business, was if I was ever going to be successful, I needed to switch my thinking.

I realized these limiting beliefs were only doing one thing – keeping me stuck exactly where I was. So instead of limiting myself based on my past, I started asking “why not me?”

That shift alone has allowed me to help so many other ladies on their fitness journeys and starting their own online fitness businesses. Imagine if I continued listening to those beliefs and playing it small.

Why not you too?!



“Today is rest day but, I was thinking about going to the gym! Is that bad?”

When that message popped in my inbox from one of our newest coaches I had to smile. If there’s one thing I always craved it was other people who just got me.

Fitness junkies, introverts, ladies who had a passion for helping other people. 

That little message was a reminder that I’ve done exactly what I’ve set out to do. I’ll be over here building my tribe 😉

Wanna join? 🌻


The Truth about HEALTH

I hate to break it to you sister – but living an active and healthy lifestyle doesn’t always equate to looking like a model. 

Every body is so different, and health really does look different on everyone.

At my tiniest I was dealing with constant fatigue, low blood pressure, and panic attacks. 
At my heaviest I was neglecting my health and fitness in favor of “body positivity”, I was sluggish, and even more insecure in my skin than ever before.
Then I found balance.

I workout 5 days a week, eat healthy 80 percent of the time and most certainly do not look like a model.
But I’m happy, I’m healthy and most importantly my MINDSET is in such a better place.

Workout to energize your body.
Eat well to nourish your body and thrive.
Find balance and stop comparing. Take care of you on the inside and I PROMISE you’ll glow on the outside – size two or not 😘



Some of the best transformations… don’t happen on the outside 

insecure → confident
unhealthy → thriving
settling → massive goals
lonely → community
hiding → sharing
follower → leader
stressed out and anxious → a little less anxious 😉

Thank goodness I said yes to my coaching journey. Amazing how one scary decision has the potential to change your entire life. Do the things that scare you. There is a reason they do. 💛