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Consistency is Key!

You ready for the SECRET to weight loss SUCCESS?! It’s NOT a wrap, a pill, a fat burner, a skinny tea or a shake.
It can’t be BOTTLED up, marketed, or SOLD…. although everyone does try.
It’s not GLAMOUROUS, Fancy, or FAST… 
It’s CONSISTENCY. Day in and day out staying consistent with healthy habits. Even when you don’t really feel like it. Even when it feels like it’s taking forever. Even when you have a bad day. And despite all of your OBSTACLES and excuses, you still stick with it.
Just stay CONSISTENT. I promise…it works. Day one was a success…onto day two


The choice is yours, What would you choose?

A different type of transformation Tuesday…
I’ve been skinnier, but that girl on the left… WASN’T ME.
I was plagued by anxiety.
Exhausted ALL the time.
Freezing in the middle of summer.
Just plain miserable.
Mental health is JUST AS IMPORTANT as physical health.
The girl on the right is 40lbs heavier… yep that’s right and probably more but happy.
She has energy. Confidence. Lives life.
Which would you choose?!