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The choice is yours, What would you choose?

A different type of transformation Tuesday…
I’ve been skinnier, but that girl on the left… WASN’T ME.
I was plagued by anxiety.
Exhausted ALL the time.
Freezing in the middle of summer.
Just plain miserable.
Mental health is JUST AS IMPORTANT as physical health.
The girl on the right is 40lbs heavier… yep that’s right and probably more but happy.
She has energy. Confidence. Lives life.
Which would you choose?!


Form check…one – two – one – two

Form Check… build a better booty but you gotta do it right 🍑Make sure you’re squeezing the glutes at the top of each rep… I also like to think about spreading the floor apart with my feet! Who incorporates these in their workouts?! Amp them up and add a band above the knees for more of a challenge 💪