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Fitness – The Underutilized Mental Health Tool

Anxiety is a b*t*h
Today was one of the bad ones and after working myself into an anxious nauseous mess, the last thing I wanted to do was workout.
But I know better.
I threw on workout clothes and got it done anyway.
Why??? Because I truly do believe fitness is one of the most underutilized mental health tools out there.

I challenge you to try it next time…
Go MOVE… you’ll be so happy that you did 


All Calories Are Not Created Equal

Soo here’s the deal. Both foods are calorically equal. Is either bad for you?! Nope… but all calories aren’t created equal.


When it comes to weight loss you CANNOT lose weight without a caloric deficit. So whether you fill your diet with cookies or avocado, if you’re consuming more calories than you are burning you unfortunately won’t lose weight.

So why pick the avocado?🥑
Besides being much more nutritious than cookies, you will be ten times more satisfied and be taking in way more nutrients and health benefits. So while yes, calories are equal, think about what would be more satisfying 3 hours later.

Nutrition info based on 3oz of avocado vs 2 chips ahoy soft cookies.

Which would you pick?!

Consistency is Key!

You ready for the SECRET to weight loss SUCCESS?! It’s NOT a wrap, a pill, a fat burner, a skinny tea or a shake.
It can’t be BOTTLED up, marketed, or SOLD…. although everyone does try.
It’s not GLAMOUROUS, Fancy, or FAST… 
It’s CONSISTENCY. Day in and day out staying consistent with healthy habits. Even when you don’t really feel like it. Even when it feels like it’s taking forever. Even when you have a bad day. And despite all of your OBSTACLES and excuses, you still stick with it.
Just stay CONSISTENT. I promise…it works. Day one was a success…onto day two