Ditch the Diets 21-Day Challenge

an effortless approach to food and your body

start eating instinctively, lose weight – if you’re supposed to, & be more NORMAL around food
Food is pleasure. Eating should be instinctive. Don't you agree?

Food is pleasure. Eating should be instinctive. Don’t you agree?

This three week group program will run January 1 through January 21, 2014.

For many years, every January 1st, or let’s be real, every December 31st, would start the same way for me. I would pull out my journal and vow that this would be the year of weight loss. This would be the year that I wore a bikini with confidence, had complete “control” of my food, exercised my butt off, and finally lost weight. Writing this I would always feel the exact same way; a combination of excitement for the hopes of a new life, and disappointment that the past year was wasted and here I was, still overweight and unhappy.

Then I found a solution. This year I will likely not be making resolutions. Chances are I will be out celebrating and enjoying the day, looking forward to the year ahead. The goals or “resolutions” I make will probably be few and far between but I am certain that this year they will have absolutely nothing to do with weight loss. Now, I want to give you that solution.

On January 1st, I will be kicking off a brand new one time only, Ditch the Diets 21-day Challenge. My goal for this program is to teach you how to kick off your year, without vows of weight loss, workouts, and diets. If you join this program, this will be your year. This will be the year that you finally stop obsessing over every bite to pass your lips. The year that you throw away your scale because you actually love your body. The year that you fall in love, grow lasting friendships, and just have a great time – all the time.

One of the things that always upsets me as a health coach is coming across women who are so committed to change, yet can’t really afford coaching. For this reason, I am offering this program at a very low price.

I’ll also be gifting the first 20 people who sign up with a free 60-minute coaching call.

Enrollment will only be open for the next two weeks so be sure to sign up early.smart choice! ;-)

After three short weeks, you will…

  • Have clear, concrete tips and tricks to eat more instinctively and less abusively (which is KEY)
  •  Get clear on your LIFE goals (we go waaayyyy beyond weight loss)
  • Reduce your stress levels and feel MUCH happier because of it
  • Discover that your problem with food has NOTHING to do with food at all
  • Develop a morning routine that works for you (or a night one if you don’t like to get up early!)
  • Learn all about “emotional eating” including why it happens and what you can do about it
  • Feel beautiful when you look in the mirror (no lie… you’ll actually like the way you look)

Here’s exactly what you’ll get…

  • 21 days worth of content and inspiration delivered straight to your inbox each morning
  • Downloadable handouts, worksheets, audio, and easy to access video throughout the program – It’s yours to keep forever
  • Access to a private members-only facebook forum for full support throughout the 21 days – I’ll be on there daily
  • 3 group coaching calls where I’ll be offering laser coaching, answering all of your questions, and offering additional support, motivation, and tips

So this is the part where my business coach gets mad at me…

The total investment for this program is $79.99 but I wanted to offer something special since it is the holiday season. If you absolutely 100% cannot afford the cost of the program but want in and are determined to make a change, send me an email at ([email protected]). We will make this work for you. I literally want anyone and everyone who wants access to this program to get it, so please don’t be shy!smart choice! ;-)