Nutrition & Health Coaching

Sweets. Carbs. Sugar. Chocolate. Wine.

If these words send you into a spiral of fear, you are not alone.

Are you someone who does well all day with healthy eating, only to come home and raid the kitchen? 

Are you overwhelmed with what to eat, how to prepare it, and how to stay consistent?

Are you scale obsessed? Discouraged with your results? Or the famous “yo-yo dieter type”?

Do you have some weight to lose and want to be told exactly what you need to do to get there?

Scratch that: maybe you know exactly what you need to do, but can’t pull the trigger on a healthy lifestyle…accountability fades, support buddies quit, self-confidence gets you down, and that glass of wine is just too tempting after a stressful day.

Then let’s talk; I have the perfect program for you.


I will be running a 21-Day support group. It will be totally private and you’ll receive all of the motivation and support you need to get through a successful 21 days of a healthy lifestyle program.

I’ll be guiding you one on one through a program that includes:

  • A portion controlled nutrition plan (that I should mention, allows wine, chocolate, and cheese).
  • 7 days worth of workouts, programmed perfectly to get you stronger and fitter in 21 days.
  • An online support group to keep accountability going and connect with others going through the program.
  • Exclusive meal plans created by me, to maximize your nutritional intake and satisfy cravings.
  • 30 days of my favorite meal replacement shake, packed full of vitamins and minerals and formulated with the ideal protein, carb, and fat ratio for a complete meal.
  • The chance to win some brand new workout swag (this is my favorite part!)

If you’re ready to make some serious changes, learn to love your body, and finally get healthy, let’s connect. Send me a message to [email protected] or apply now. I can’t wait to conquer those chocolate cravings together.


Some nitty gritty details… 

  1. You’ve got to INVEST in yourself and meet me halfway! Please be willing to commit to checking in with me daily, participating in the group and just giving it everything you’ve got.
  2. You have to invest in a fitness program and shakeology for access to the group. While I wish I could I offer this for free….it’s not quite yet.
  3. The challenge is 21 days and if you stay committed, we will talk about the next step.
  4. USA and Canada only and sorry but it’s only for non-coaches.

In exchange you will get my 100% attention for 21 Days. Together we will get you through 21 days of a fitness program, a healthy meal plan set up that you can follow for life, my tips, tricks, and recipes to achieve all of your goals, support and motivation from a group, and so much more.

I can’t wait for you to join me. Again, if you are interested, head here and apply!