“I just need to workout more….”

“I just need to workout more….”

I hear that statement constantly.

My response….

You really don’t.

Let me explain. When it comes to weight loss, there is a common misconception that working out more will instantly move the scale downward in no time.

No need to make nutritional changes, when you can really PUSH in your workouts 6 days a week, right?

Wrong. 🙅‍♀️

Reality is, to REALLY see weight loss or body composition changes you NEED to also address the foods you are putting in your body, and how much of those foods.

Now don’t get me wrong, workouts are AMAZING for our health. They are my therapy for anxiety, and quite often will help my clients stay MOTIVATED to continue on a healthy lifestyle.

But working out alone is NOT going to completely transform your body.

If you really want to see changes in your body you need to also address the FUEL going into to your body. It may be a bit more challenging. It may take a little more dedication. But I guarantee if you fix up your diet, you’ll start seeing the changes you crave.

No magic pills, teas, wraps or workouts required


I wish I knew…

What I wish I knew 6 years ago….

We all have rolls when we bend over.

In order to “tone up” you need to build muscle. 

If you’re wanting to “slim down” you are going to want to strength train.

Stretch marks, cellulite and thighs that touch are a completely normal and healthy piece of your body.

In order to build muscle you need to eat ENOUGH to FUEL your workouts.

The only way you will get “bulky” is from eating more calories than your body needs.

Lifting weights… even heavy ones will not make you bulky. 🏋️‍♀️

That is all 👌

What is one thing you’ve learned on your fitness journey?52607923_1710256649074800_4049192383806439424_n 



Anxious Much?!

The least calm and relaxed person you’ll meet 🙋‍♀️
Something about this time of year always kicks my anxiety into full swing and the past couple of weeks it’s hit me hard. 🤯
And I’ll be honest – yoga, meditating, calming activities… not my thing. So here are two things I’ve been working on:
→ My workouts. It’s no secret exercise has always been a solution for my my anxiety, so I’ve been continuing to push myself to get to the gym and get my workouts in BUT I’m trying to make them even more strategic to warding off anxiety.
I’ve been trying my best to NOT stress about everything else in the middle of a workout and really focus on the 5, 10, 15 minutes in front of me.
It’s been a great way to shut my brain off and focus on being present in the moment.
→ Anchor thoughts. Now before you roll your eyes, I thought this sounded crazy at first too, but it works. ⚓️
Pick a thought that makes you calm or happy.
When the panic or overwhelm hits, countdown from 5 and go back to that thought. It’s been a great way to immediately shift my thinking AND focus on the positive.
Helpful?! Anyone else have an anxiety busting tip you love? Do you struggle with anxiety this time of year too? Fill me in. 

Just Start

“What made you want to exercise? Was your weight or body out of shape before?”
When this questions popped up in my inbox the other day, I was instantly reminded of how insecure I was the first time I stepped into a gym.
I was overweight, recently graduated from college with a degree in dance, and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I just knew I was no longer dancing hours a day and needed to get myself MOVING.
I hid in baggy sweatshirts and stuck to the elliptical or treadmill where I felt “safe”.
My body image was in the gutter and so was my health.
THEN everything changed.
I was convinced to try out my first CrossFit class in our gym. I assumed I would hate it and realized just how out of shape I was after my first class. I couldn’t do a pull up and was walk/running a 400M sprint but something about it clicked with me.
I found myself returning back class after class. Without even realizing it, my mindset started to shift.
I stopped worrying about what my body looked like.
I started focusing on what it could do.
I wanted to be faster.
I wanted to be stronger.
I wanted to fuel my body better.
From that moment forward fitness slowly changed my life.
It became my passion.
It became my therapy.
It became something I embraced.
So if you’re that person that wants to start exercising but maybe is afraid, or hesitant, or thinks you can’t.
We all start somewhere.
We all start insecure.
We all starting not knowing.
But you will learn.
You will grow.
And you will be so happy you just decided to start.


Never Miss a Monday

CONFESSION: This time of year always crushes me. Around this time last year is when I stopped working out as regularly and really watched my health and fitness spiral downward.
I’ll be honest, this year I feel it starting to creep back BUT it will be different.
I’m choosing NOT to let myself fall victim to a lack of motivation. 
So even though it’s Monday and I didn’t FEEL like working out…
I reminded myself of how far I’ve come.
I reminded myself how disappointed I’d be later in the day if I skipped it.
I reminded myself that I will never ever wish I hadn’t done a workout once it’s complete.
And I got it done.
Just a reminder, you’re not always going to feel motivated but sometimes you just have to push through and do it anyway.
Never Miss a Monday.
Who got their workout in? What did you do?