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Bedtime Affirmations

Lately my anxiety has been in full swing… so when I came across these yesterday I just knew I had to share. 

10 Bedtime Affirmations 😴

It’s so amazing how changing your thoughts can change your life. Give them a try… 

1. I am calm and peaceful
2. I’ve done my best today
3. I’m proud of myself
4. I’m grateful for this day’s opportunities
5. My heart is grateful
6. I’m happy with my accomplishments
7. I’m safe
8. I’m filled with content
9. Everything I did today leads to a better tomorrow
10. Tomorrow is a new day full of possibilities 💛


You are….

Affirmations – whacky or brilliant??? Comment below

Recently I’ve had two of my favorite women tell me to start working on daily affirmations to build self-love and confidence so I’m giving it a go.

I’ll admit the first couple days I felt a little crazy but already starting to feel more positive so I’m going with brilliant. Who’s given it a go? If you haven’t who wants to give it a try with me?

We can always use some more positivity and self love in our lives. 💛