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What you see vs. me…

True Story: I almost didn’t post this picture last week.
Then I had to laugh at myself as I read some of the comments… not once did someone mention the ONE thing that was glaringly obvious to me.
Know what it is was?! 🤔
The little extra chunk and cellulite on my legs.
I wanted to share this to prove a point. We are in fact our own worst critics. The things you notice on yourself, pull apart, that seem sooooo obvious to you… are often times invisible to others.
Stop being your own worst critic and start trying to see yourself through the eyes of others.💕
Sure you may never match the “perfect” photoshopped images you see on social media, but you are YOU and that is something you should be so PROUD of. Own it. Little extra on the thighs and all. 😘


Reality Check

Reminder… just because it looks like someone has it all together on social media doesn’t mean that’s always true. 💕

I should be in Mexico today on an all expenses paid vacation that I worked my butt off for. 🍍

Reality: I’m in Massachusetts. Trying to figure out a last minute move after a mini flare up of anxiety and depression.

I didn’t want to be the third wheel on vacay.

I was nervous to fly to Mexico alone.

I have a great job that I love. An awesome place to live, and soon a new one. And for the most part tend to have my you know what put together, but I have my obstacles too.

I’m sharing all this not for sympathy. I’m honestly quite happy with my decision, but because I never want to pretend my life is perfect.

And reality is: no one has it all together. So next time you look at that “perfect” person remember… their reality is probably very different than their “gram”. ✌️


Bedtime Affirmations

Lately my anxiety has been in full swing… so when I came across these yesterday I just knew I had to share. 

10 Bedtime Affirmations 😴

It’s so amazing how changing your thoughts can change your life. Give them a try… 

1. I am calm and peaceful
2. I’ve done my best today
3. I’m proud of myself
4. I’m grateful for this day’s opportunities
5. My heart is grateful
6. I’m happy with my accomplishments
7. I’m safe
8. I’m filled with content
9. Everything I did today leads to a better tomorrow
10. Tomorrow is a new day full of possibilities 💛


Bedtime Yoga

🌝 Nighttime Routine 🌝
SLEEP. One of the most important keys to BEST health and one of the hardest things to tackle.
One thing I know all too well is a stressed, anxious mind, makes for a TERRIBLE night’s sleep. So I’m always willing to try ANYTHING to sleep better.
Nighttime rituals are so important to relax the mind and end the day on a peaceful note. 
Here of some of my favorite tips for a restful night of sleep.
1. Magnesium at night (I take Calm Magnesium with Melatonin)
2. Write in a gratitude journal (3 things you’re grateful for)
3. Bedtime Yoga (try out these simple holds for 5-10 breaths for improved sleep)

Who’s going to try?! 💫


Does Eating Out Give you Anxiety? Part 2

Last week I started to talk about my fear with eating out. I mentioned some anxiety over self-created food rules and how I fought back. One thing I have yet to address however is the anxiety that eating in front of people once caused me.

Since I had a lifelong battle with my weight, I always felt uncomfortable eating in front of others. I felt as though I was “too big” to be eating and didn’t deserve to eat what my normal “thin” friends or family were eating. This belief caused a great deal of self-consciousness around my eating and took a lot of work to undo.

I still remember being in middle school and packing my Jenny Craig bar to eat for lunch. I would hide the wrapper in my hand because I didn’t want anyone to know I was eating “diet” food or even worse “on a diet”. I graduated from my diet bars at lunch to simply just skipping lunch in school, as I got older. I was so self-conscious about how I looked that I didn’t want anyone to see me eating and think I was eating the “wrong foods”. I would then come home from school starving and all that work I had done trying to “not eat” was totally undone.


As my emotional eating struggles continued right along with my food fears, my weight continued to yo-yo and my fear of not wanting to be seen eating came right back.  Even eating in front of family scared me because I was so afraid of someone judging my choices.

As I continued to work through these struggles, I realized something; the only person judging my food choices was me. I was the one who was guilty of putting so much emphasis and fear on my food. I was the one stopping myself from enjoying dinners out because I was so afraid of what someone else might possibly think.

Let’s analyze this. We are all humans. We all need food to survive and give us energy. Period. Tweet it! Yes some people do judges other based on their food choices, but do that slim margin of people really matter? What matters is that we are enjoying our lives, giving ourselves energy, doing something that most people in the world do on a daily basis. When I started to take that negative stigma away from eating in front of others, I started to notice improvements. Sure certain days I still struggle with this, but I continue to fight it each and every time I do.

Is this something that resonates with you? I’ve gotten rid of my personal fear of eating in front of others and now I want to help you. Send me an email at [email protected] and we can get you set up for a body image and emotional eating strategy session. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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