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Be Kind

Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. 💕

If there’s one thing growing a business off of social media (with mostly women I should add) it’s this.
We’re so quick to judge.
So quick to bash others. 
So quick to state our opinions on how we would have done it.
So quick to point fingers and place blames.

But 99% of the time you don’t know the full story.
She may be battling mega demons inside her own head.
She may be sick.
She may be struggling.
She may have a family member who’s sick.
She may be feeling alone.
She may need a distraction from the world around her.

Be a little kinder, a little more forgiving, a little more understanding.
The world needs more of that. 💛


Leave your BAGGAGE at the Door!

Leave your BAGGAGE at the door.
I used to teach dance for years and it taught me an important lesson in life that I still apply when I’m coaching people in fitness and business today.
Starting with my Pre-Ballet babies, they would do ANYTHING without inhibitions, or fear of judgment or failure.
At 3 years old, they don’t carry much baggage, nor much life experience and they have THE WORLD at their fingertips.
As I moved later in the day to my teens, there was A LOT they wouldn’t do. There were fears, judgment, body hatred, doubt, and less motivation to TRY. Their life experiences had taught them NEGATIVITY and FEAR and it took over their ability to GROW so instead of the POSSIBILITY of failing, they instead opted to hide or simply not try.
As adults we tend to carry even more baggage than the teens, but here’s the BEST PART. You have the chance, every single day to leave your baggage at the door. To drop your fears, to TRY, to BELIEVE you can be capable of ANYTHING, to make things WORK.
It’s all in your MINDSET. Set yourself up for the chance for SUCCESS and let your past experiences FUEL you not DERAIL you.
Your past does not DEFINE you.