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Monday Motivation

For such a long time I put off coaching simply because I didn’t BELIEVE I could do it.
I didn’t have a 6 pack.
I didn’t know enough people.
I didn’t feel COMFORTABLE posting to social media.
I’m just not the type of person who was ever really SUCCESSFUL.
Then one day I realized something… every single person starts at ground ZERO. If I was going to do this, I had to start somewhere.
And no I didn’t grow a 6 pack overnight.
I didn’t meet 10,000 people in one day.
I still was a nervous wreck about posting to social media.
But instead I DECIDED that I was going to believe in myself and BELIEVE that I could be SUCCESSFUL.
I am not a special snowflake.
I am not extra talented.
I just work really hard and BELIEVE I am capable of pulling this off… so I am 😉
Wanna join me?!


Wanna know a secret?!!


Wanna know a secret?! Talking about income makes me TERRIFIED…but I just had to share this full circle moment. Today while I was out with my favorite Golden Girl 😉 I realized that I just earned my rent for the month in ONE WEEK thanks to Beachbody. I still remember the first time my monthly paychecks added up to cover rent for the month, and now I am able to earn that in ONE week.
But one of the reasons I get nervous sharing this is because I never want anyone to think I sit back and just WATCH this all happen. Let me tell you a secret…I work REALLY HARD, I answer messages when I don’t feel like it, I work Monday through Sunday, I am constantly in ‘business mindset’, BUT it is all worth it, because with that sacrifice comes so much FREEDOM and lets me give so much LOVE to my team and that is worth EVERYTHING
Do you have one hour a day to dedicate to changing your life?
STOP living the life that OTHERS designed for you and start designing YOUR OWN! ‪#‎GG‬ ‪#‎lifebydesign‬
Disclaimer to make our legal team happy 😉