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30 Second Transformation

30 Second Transformation. Same girl, different angle, different pose. 30 seconds later.
Just a reminder that what you see on social media is often the highlight reel. The most beautiful, the polished, the fittest.
So before you compare yourself to someone on social media with the “perfect body” remember that there were also likely 40 other, far less perfect pictures that didn’t make the cut.

30 sec

Core De Force Results

30 Days can make a whole lot of difference…
I decided to commit to a full program.
No excuses.
No skipping days.
No swapping things around.
Amazing what happens when you trust the process


Here are my round one results from Core De Force! If you’d like to learn more about the program head here and message me if you’d like to give it a try! [email protected]


I don’t weigh myself and refuse to let a number on a scale dictate my progress.
I always insist my challengers take measurements and progress pictures and here’s why…
One week into my new meal plan and fitness program and I was feeling discouraged and a little fluffy….
Pictures proved me wrong. We’re always our own worst critics. Trust the process ūüí™

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 3.07.23 PM

How to Plan, Commit, and Follow Through with Weight Loss & Body Transformation

Have you ever looked in your closet, stared at your clothes, and realized nothing fits…

I can’t tell you how many times, this experience happened to me. On top of that, even if the clothes in my closet did in fact, fit, it was highly likely I would go through 20 outfits before going out, convinced that each one made me look larger and larger.

A year ago, despite my constant efforts of personal development, body image workbooks, and coaching programs; body shame,  weight gain, and failure to follow through with diets, were a regular struggle for me. This made everything else seem more difficult.

Getting ready became a 2 hour process because nothing looked good. 

Workouts felt difficult, strenuous, and discouraging. 

Diets, despite my constant persistence to follow them, felt unrealistic, isolating, and boring. 

I felt alone in my weight loss journey, nothing seemed to be working, and I couldn’t imagine anyone was having as much struggle as I was.

Then slowly but surely different pieces of the puzzle started to come together. I started to own the fact that I struggled to maintain my weight, and instead of seeing it as a curse, started to embrace the fact that my constant efforts to workout and eat better, were keeping me healthy. I also began to collaborate with people who were as dedicated to health and fitness as I was. This made me feel supported, accountable, and motivated, and suddenly, I started losing weight without much effort at all!

So here’s what I did to plan, commit to, and follow through with own¬†health transformation. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, but now, since I’ve been through it all myself, I can give you the exact steps to follow to get your health and body to where you want it to be.



Select a workout program you will be likely to follow. Figure out a nutrition plan that will be reasonable for you to follow (for life and not just a few days!). Get prepared with healthy groceries. Sign up for the workout programs you’ll need and ensure you have the proper equipment. Figure out any underlying struggles that will prevent weight loss, make body image a struggle, and inhibit progress. Once you’ve identified these triggers and struggles, prepare some strategies to help eliminate them, seek help in the areas you need, and be ready to combat some hurdles.


Tell other people what you are planning to do. Recruit a friend, workout buddy, or family member to join you. This will ensure you have a like-minded support system, to help you throughout your journey. I always suggest my clients join in on my Facebook challenge groups as this was an integral piece for me. This not only kept me motivated and accountable, but I didn’t feel alone on my journey. I was part of a team, and if I didn’t want to follow through for my own benefit, I still felt compelled to stick it out for my team. Once you’ve got your support system set, commit and go all in. Acknowledge that you are making a commitment to yourself to be healthy. The better you take care of yourself, the better you will be able to take care of everyone around you. Be selfish. Put yourself and your health first. Prioritize feeling good about yourself. Let everyone around you know what you’re doing. This will be a huge piece of the commitment.

Follow Through 

Following through can often times be where people struggle. So you have your plan, you have your commitment, support group, and team of people behind you, now what? Now it’s time to follow through. Set yourself up for success. Dedicate a specific time to workout everyday. Make an appointment with yourself for your daily workout. Schedule it in your planner. Plan for it. Follow through with it. Prioritize your nutrition. Grocery shop and meal prep for the week. Stay on point with your nutrition decisions, knowing that each decision will affect how you feel during your next workout, your next meal, your next day. Keep in mind that the best way to follow through is to take things one day at a time. Each day, make the best nutrition choices possible, do all you can to work out, and know that if you fall off track, you can only move forward. Seek out support when you need it. This is why you made your commitment. When you struggle, you will quickly realize you are not alone. After enough follow through, comes success, progress, transformation! I’m so excited for you to get there!

Ready and motivated to go? Starting Thursday October 16th, I’ll be running a one-week sneak peak into the 21 Day Fix. It is one of my favorite workout and nutrition plans and I’ll be giving you all the information on how it works. You’ll also get an exclusive invite into my next challenge group, plus a discounted offer on the 21 Day Fix. There is absolutely no commitment and it is 100% free. Send me a message to [email protected] or add me as a friend and send me a message on Facebook letting me know you want it! I’ll add you ASAP. Or you can simply HEAD HERE and request to join!

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