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The Struggle is Real…

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Today, I wanted to share something that I would have never had the courage to share years ago. But something I’ve learned is that this is something that so many women struggle with, but no one really talks about, so I’m going to talk about it.

This past month has been a struggle for me, and for me struggle means I go back to past coping mechanisms. After years of suffering from an eating disorder and anxiety, you can only imagine that my former coping mechanisms have something to do with my food, my weight, emotional eating (and not eating) and manipulating the way my body looks.

So, in an effort to control the things that I couldn’t control, I decided, why not control my diet. I decided to change things that were already working because I wanted more “control”.

I decided to “go paleo”. Maybe that would make me feel better. Reality, it failed. All I wanted was chocolate. Then I had visions in my head of looking like the other girls on Instagram and restricting my calories. I ended up a failure, with tummy rumbles on day one, and way more than a teaspoon of peanut butter was consumed.

I felt like a DIET FAILURE.

Comparison. Emotional Eating. And a need for CONTROL got the best of me. I wanted to share this to show that we all struggle. We all have bad habits, and things we fall back on, but they are there for us to learn from.

In reality when we diet, when we restrict our food, emotionally eat, and play the comparison game, we are not in control. the diet is in control, the rules are in control, we as humans are not. So decide to make a lifestyle change, figure out what works for YOU as an individual, and stick with it, with laser focus and tunnel vision.

Don’t get derailed by shiny objects, wraps, and skinny teas 😉

Why I think you should eat a cookie…

A lot of my clients come to me fed up with food.

They are done with dieting, hate their bodies, and really just want to lose weight. Often times the biggest hurdle for them is that they just can’t seem to actually stick to the diets. Self-sabotage becomes a frequent topic of conversation. Their emails are usually laced with statements such as:

There is just something wrong with me.

I fell off track again.

 I couldn’t control myself.

I feel guilty.

Often times it seems that food and guilt go hand in hand. Early on we often teach ourselves to take an all-or-nothing approach to nutrition. For me the choice was clear, I could either diet and get skinny, or eat whatever I wanted and gain weight. So I stuck with my diets for as long as I could until the rails started to fall off. First would come the intense craving for something I couldn’t have. I’d fight it for days, yet it was all I could think about. When I finally gave in, it was often in that all-or-nothing approach. The typical “I’ll start tomorrow” statement comes to mind.


The problem was when I started fresh the next day, I was miserable. I felt restricted, guilty, and out of control all over again. I wanted sweets and didn’t know why. I was frustrated with my constant hunger, yet wanted nothing more than to simply eat salad all day long. Then the cycle continued…

Recently a client of mine was sharing her struggles with emotional eating. She said she had experiences where she was indeed able to mindfully indulge; yet the obsessive binges still happened, and were an entirely different beast to tackle. When I asked how often she had those mindfully indulgent experiences, she hesitated. Truth was mindfully “treating” herself, happened few and far between.

What if instead of that once a month obsessive binge you were able to mindfully, and enjoyably experience a dessert three times a week? Free of guilt, and free of emotion? What happens might surprise you. The more you give yourself full permission to enjoy the foods you crave, the less likely you are to obsess over them. The less structure we place on our diets, the less likely we are to break away from it. Tweet it! 

So next time you hesitate over whether you want that cookie I want you to really think about it. Will you avoid it with misery and obsess until you eventually binge on a dozen cookies, or will you stop and enjoy the one delicious cookie, mindfully, and without distractions, and then be able to move on!

Now it’s your turn…

Do you take an “all or nothing” approach to your food? What are you going to do to break that? 

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How to Disrupt a Binge

Imagine this. It’s 8pm. You come home to an empty house after a long and stressful day of work. You haven’t eaten dinner and you’re starving. Your feet hurt from your heels that you just kicked off at the door. You have just tossed your phone across the room thanks to a fight with your boyfriend. You still have to get work done for tomorrow and all you want to do is go to bed. But your hunger comes back and you remember those Oreos you have in the top cabinet. You grab the box and take it to the couch. Ashamed that it is yet another night where you can’t control what you eat, you flip on the TV and start eating. You already know your skinny jeans aren’t fitting tomorrow so what’s the point of stopping.


Now what if I told you that in that very moment, your nutrition coach popped in and gave you words of wisdom. If she told you to take a walk would you really listen?  Me personally, I’d probably offer her an Oreo and tell her to take a seat cause there is no way I’m walking. I’ve said it time and time again but it is simply impossible to stop a binge with one magic trick.

The simple act of noticing what’s going on is the most important thing you can do. When you feel those emotions come up, don’t eat. It’s hard, but first things first, remove yourself from the kitchen for five minutes, and tell yourself when five minutes is up you can head straight back to the kitchen if you want.

Check in with yourself. What is going on? How are you feeling? What do you need right now? (And no, it’s not the box of Oreos). Sit in your feeling. Feel it, let it take over. Maybe you’re sad for five minutes, or maybe you just close your eyes for five minutes, maybe you cry.

After your five minutes are up, you’ve hopefully realized you need something other than food. Maybe you go to bed, or call your mom, or watch a movie, or meet up with a friend. Maybe you just still really want that cookie and that’s okay too. So say you want the cookie, you head to the kitchen and put that cookie on a plate. Sit at your table and eat it. Chances are that cookie’s going to get boring real fast and you’re going to figure out what you actually should have done instead.

Thing is, when you want to “binge” you really just need something. A binge is your body’s internal alarm system going off saying “I need something”. Tweet it! What it actually needs is never food. It might be love, or comfort, or a little happiness. If you don’t ever stop to feel that feeling and acknowledge it, you never deal with it. When the box of cookies is gone, you’re still stuck with that feeling. Then what?

Stop your binge by feeling your feeling and asking your body what she needs. The more you do it, the better a listener you will become and your body will need to use this alarm system a lot less. Try it out next time, and find out what you really need.

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