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Self Love

To all the women who place your self worth on your external appearance…please stop.
You are not a Number
You are not a Size
You are not a Measurement
You are not Fat, Skinny, Curvy, or Chunky
What does define you is your heart, your kindness, your compassion, and your love for others. Never forget that. 💕👯


Monday Motivation

A little extra on the thighs and all. This is one of those pictures that wouldn’t usually “make the cut” but I wanted to share it.
To all the women out there hating their legs….stop.
Your legs carry you through life. They allow you to run, jump, even just walk.
5 years ago I would’ve deleted this picture immediately. Now I simply see it as a picture that shows the strongest part of my body and now it’s something I’m proud of. Never be ashamed of your strength, your imperfections. It’s OK to show up to the world in a very BIG way. Stop playing small, pretty, and perfect.


Be Kind

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be KIND. Always”
I still remember sitting across from my nutrition therapist with complete and utter jealously. It had nothing to do with her looks, her job, or anything you may think of typically.
“I bet she eats cake on her Birthday”.
…Was all I could think on repeat. For a long time, food was my enemy.
Holidays weren’t enjoyed because I spent the days surrounded by food and fear.
Beach trips were few and far between because the anxiety of wearing a bathing just wasn’t worth it.
And friends were practically nonexistent because it was a whole lot easier to hide my “issues” that way.
NOW I eat cake on my birthday, my favorite place is the beach, and I have some of the BEST friends I could ask for.
As I got ready for a pool day with one of my favorites today I was reminded of just how many little things we take for granted.
So just a reminder to always be KIND. Often times, the things we take for granted someone else is praying for. 💛