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My Five Stages of Diets

Diets and I go way back. I’ve tried everything from shakes, to bars, to South Beach, to Zone, and the list goes on. In the process of all these diets, I found myself in different stages for each.
When I started dieting I was determined. I knew it would work. Something had to work. I stuck to it, stayed strong, and loved how much discipline and will power I had (little side note: I now cringe at the word willpower). I was basically on top of the world. The scale was going down and that’s all I ever wanted. We’ll call this my dieting high.

DSCN2476Veggies and I were best friends. 

In fear of gaining back any weight I was losing, I slowly started to get more and more disciplined, which become my code word for restrictive. I was dipping lower and lower in calories by the week, cutting out as much fat as possible, and filling up on as many low calorie foods as I could get my hands on. I was getting thinner and thinner, and progressively becoming more and more miserable. I was lethargic, cranky, dizzy, and anxious, and had a constant case of the shakes. We’ll call this rock bottom.

DSCN2569The fewer calories the better.

Obsessed with the scale I started noticing my weight was stuck and I consistently felt crappy. Frustrated with feeling like crap I slowly started to increase my calories. My body started to fight back. I put on weight and became subsequently miserable. I was still dieting, but yet I was gaining weight. I started to rebel and have “cheat” days simply because I couldn’t tolerate the restriction any more. I felt like a rubber band ready to snap at any minute. My body was trying to tell me something and I refused to listen.

I tried diet after diet, hoping that the next one would bring as much success as I had in the first place. As diet after diet failed, I began to wonder what was wrong with me? These diets were working for other people so why weren’t they working for me. This was the most powerful stage of my body fighting back.

All of sudden my “rubber band” snapped. I had once struggled with eating too little and now I was eating far too much. Why couldn’t I just stop eating the cookies? Where did my willpower go? I tried so very hard to stick to a diet and without fail by day four or five, I was done. Now I was really convinced there must be something wrong with me. I could not follow a diet that so many people could. Why was I such a psycho around food? And yes, this was at the time what I considered my crazy person around food phase.


I couldn’t put down the cookies. 

I slowly started realizing something. These diets were just not working. I was frustrated, cranky, miserable, and overweight. Something had to change and for once it wasn’t just the diet. I started changing my approach to eating. It was no longer about getting skinny. It was all about making my body happy. Tweet it!

For the first time in a really long time I started to learn how to actually listen to what my body needed. I had to relearn hunger cues and figure out what foods I actually liked to eat all over again. It wasn’t easy, I had setbacks, but I did it. This is the phase I am in now, my non-diet phase. It is the best place I could imagine being in. Gone are the days of counting calories, or points, or fighting my body. I now listen to, nurture, and trust my body, and she has given me all I could ask for in return. If you want help getting to this place reach out to me and sign up for a FREE ditch the diets, ditch the misery, 15 minute session. I am giving away five FREE 15 minute sessions, all you have to do is grab your spot before they fill up!

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I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Love Your Body

This post title is just about as cliche as it can get but it’s Valentine’s Day so why not?!

What does it mean to me to love your body. For a long time I probably couldn’t answer this question. My body and love did not go in the same sentence together. I believe it was third grade when I started to learn what it meant to be uncomfortable in my own skin. I remember wearing one of my sister’s sweatshirts to school one day because I thought it was so cool and then felt uncomfortable all day because I wore leggings with it and no one else wore them. I remember my friend teaching me how to tell if you were big boned, small boned, or medium. I was petrified I was big boned. I can still picture the fearful thought created in my mind from a friend telling me that when two boys in our class hit each other it made noise because they were so chubby. This was when my body image got altered. Why is it that we always concern ourselves with what people think of our outward appearance? I have no memories of ever being concerned with whether people thought I was too nice or not friendly enough or whatever you may.

Now here’s where it gets even worse. If you know me you know I am a very accepting person. I think everyone is sweet, and nice and usually don’t have a bad word to say about anyone. Now when it comes to myself we have a whole other thing happening. I am mean, critical, and sometimes downright ridiculous with expectations for myself. So this year I pledge to do something different. This year I am going to relax and cut myself some slack. I am the world’s biggest perfectionist. We’re talking type A personality to a T. I tend to walk around a stress case and place all the blame on myself. For the longest time I’ve strived to be something I’m not. I have a bit of an obsession with being blond, and I’m far from it. I’m never going to be super skinny (and healthy at the same time). I may never be a beauty queen. But when all is said and done there are things I like about myself.

So this year I’m going to love me just as I am and here’s what that means to me:

  • I am going to eat food that fuels me and makes me feel my best, whatever the label will be. 
  • I will exercise and move as much as my body needs and I will rest when I need it.
  • I will make “me time” a priority and give myself at least a 1/2 hour a day to take time to relax.
  • I am going to try to refrain from pulling myself apart.
  • I am going to let things go just a bit more and not walk around a stress case 24/7.
  • I am going to have faith that I am doing my best and not always worry about the outcome of every situation.
  • I will take more time to be social and enjoy family time instead of worrying about deadlines or work to be done.

What does loving your body mean to you??