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Post Holiday De-Bloat

Here are four of my favorite tips to beat the post-holiday bloat :) Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!
1. Reduce Carbs: When we eat a lot of carbs our body holds onto water. So get rid of extra water by reducing carbs for a week or so. Your body will then use up the stored carbs in the liver and muscle.2. Cleanse with Green Veggies: Eat broccoli, kale, asparagus and cabbage bc they contain phytonutrients that act like diuretics hich can help get rid of toxins in the body.

3. Stimulate your Metabolism: Up your intake of certain foods like chili peppers, capsaicin, hot sauce or hot peppers!! Green tea is also a great metabolism booster.

4. Up the intensity: get back to your workout schedule. Cardio not only burns calories, it helps rid the body of water. Do more intense and longer cardio workouts! 3,500 calories equals 1 lb of fat, so try to burn at least 500 calories per workout session!

Happy Post Holiday WORKOUT TIME!!


Summer Slim Down

Admit it. The New Years Resolutions are over. The diet started on Monday and ended on Friday. The May cookouts, graduation parties, and events have you off of your game.
What if you could kick off this Memorial Day feeling confident and HAPPY in your own skin?!
Slimdown for Summer.
5 days to get back on track and I’ll provide everything for free.
✔️ 5 day meal plan
✔️ Grocery list
✔️ Healthy recipes
✔️ Daily workouts
✔ Nutrition tips and tricks
✔️ Meal prep 101
✔ Daily check ins and motivation
✔ Fun prizes

To join the group simply head here and request to join us!
Excited for this

*Please no current coaches or those already working with a coach.